COVID19: Austria Will FORCE Vaccinate The Population From 2022! Despite Data Not Justifying It.

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The Austrian government has declared both a lockdown only for 'unvaccinated' people and also Europe's first 'mandated' (forced) COVID19 vaccination rule - claiming that the situation is so dire as to call for it.. What does the data show?

The forced vaccination program is set to launch in February 2022 and I have not seen it stated exactly how this would be enforced. To enforce medical treatment on a population which has a substantially sized subset who don't want it, suggests some kind of violence will be used - how else can something of this nature be enforced? Economic enforcement and fines could be an option - but ultimately, people can and will avoid these in plenty of cases.

Note: For reference of what forced vaccination at gunpoint looks like, check out this example from Uganda - many people (inc. many children) died as a direct result of the poorly designed government policy.

As we have repeatedly shown over the last 2 years, it is extremely common for health policies to be set by governments based on claims that are not even remotely supported by the public data on the topic. It is abundantly clear that in many cases, policies are being set for political purposes and not substantiated by open minded reasoning or scientific rigour.

As you can see from some of the Tweets that are surfacing in response to the topic, people in Austria are concerned for their future (their historic past is also not much to rely on when it comes to enlightened respect for free will):

The Chancellor of Austria, Alexander Schallenberg, stated:

“We have not managed to get enough unvaccinated people to get vaccinated. The most recent measures have increased daily vaccinations but not enough. For a long time, it was consensus in the country that a vaccine mandate is not necessary, but we have to face reality."

He also stated that anyone who has critical information on the topic should speak up - well, many have tried - but I doubt they will be listened to or heard:

“If others have a better idea, they should say what it is. This is a reminder of the need for a ‘vaccine plus’ strategy and the importance of acting early, as soon as there is any sign of rising cases."

The press has predictably blamed the situation on 'right wing activists', when in truth I see absolutely nothing specifically 'right wing' about people who have taken the time to do due diligence research and stand up for body autonomy. If anything, such claims are in an insult to whichever subset of the population the press are designating as 'left wing' this month - since they are inferring that 'good little left wing' people are all loving the shots. I say it is an insult, since, as we shall see - the number of people being permanently harmed or killed by the use of the shots is significant and growing - while the risk of harm or death from COVID19, statistically, is low.

Austria's COVID19 Data

The media has hyped a spike in the last few days in Austria's recorded number of COVID19 cases. Let's set aside that 'cases' are actually positive PCR tests, which are known to be highly flawed. Let's also set aside that 'cases' can include totally asymptomatic people who will have zero problem as a result.

Here's the latest data from the Bing COVID19 Tracker:


As you can see, there is indeed a large spike of cases in Austria, starting about 2 weeks ago. However, the shape of the spike seems to be exactly that, a spike that is possibly already coming down. In any case, we don't need to try to predict the near future from such a simple graph to make better sense of the situation - so how long the spike is sustained is not so important in the context of the wider picture.

For reference, the UK, Germany, Belgium and many other nations are showing an upswing in cases presently - the UK having had a continually higher level for weeks.


Every year since records began we have seen an upswing in respiratory infections in the colder months since the cold weather can have a limiting effect on the average person's immune system, leading to increased transmission and illness. This can mostly be countered by correct nutrition and therapies such as the (scientifically validated) immunomodulating 'Wim Hof Protocol' of deep oxygenation, psychological transformation and cold exposure.

The argument being made by the Austrian leadership is that vaccination uptake has been low in Austria and therefore, they have 'no other choice' but to force everyone to be injected! So... essentially, in their mind, free will is irrelevant and the 'choice' to vaccinate was always a lie, since they would always have forced everyone anyway!

The vaccination rate in Austria has been fairly flat for a while:


As it also has in the UK:


Based on what I know, I'd say that this is due to a combination of factors, ranging from the lies that have been told to overhype the efficacy and safety of the shots, through to people simply not being frightened by COVID19, whether through having done their own research or for other reasons. Note: At present there are multiple large scale court actions taking place around the world to expose the lies that various governments have been peddling. My recent posts from the US show that even top politicians are now calling out the lies.

It is highly likely that the remaining population who have not accepted an injection comprise a significant percentage who view being injected as a threat to their health and survival. It is highly probable that a percentage of them will violently defend themselves if their bodily autonomy is challenged. Austria is one of the most heavily armed populations in Europe.

When it comes to COVID19 figures, the only really meaningful figures are those for mortality. We cannot rely on the numbers of deaths attributed to COVID19 since the testing protocols are so poor and inaccurate. However, we can see that Austria's official data for mortality from COVID19 shows a recent upswing, but it is nowhere near as high as it was only several months ago (when no forced vaccination was suggested!):


The real point here, though, comes from the ALL CAUSE MORTALITY figures. This is the count of all deaths, for all reasons. This is the figure that we must pay attention to because it is extremely likely (and I would argue also totally proven) that many of the deaths attributed to COVID19 were either people who died from something else and were logged as COVID19 or people who were at an age where they were likely to die soon anyway. The ALL CAUSE MORTALITY figure shows us the total number of deaths and how they compare to previous time periods:


Source: EuroMomo

As you can see, Austria shows a little hump in recent weeks for all cause mortality, but nothing out of the ordinary and actually smaller than a similar hump from 2018, at which no-one likely batted an eyelid at the time. So there are NOT any more deaths occurring in Austria than we would expect for this time period. There is also no signal that this is likely to change any time soon.

Vaccine Injury Data

Meanwhile, the count of probable injuries and deaths from COVID19 vaccinations continue to stack up. As you can see, the US VAERS database shows an unprecedented and MASSIVE spike of injuries and deaths from the COVID19 shots - dwarfing ALL other previous types of vaccinations COMBINED, over many years!


For many more articles on the topic of vaccine injuries and the data from Europe, the US, Australia and elsewhere - please see this listing of relevant posts.

The bottom line here is that it is extremely likely that the shots pose as much or more of a risk than the disease does. To deny this reality is simply evil. To force people to bow to your own thinking, when doing so could kill them, is also evil and arguably criminal. The Nuremberg code was specifically written after World War 2 to prevent forced experimentation on people following the evil acts of so many in World War 2. The COVID19 shots ARE experimental, there is no long term safety data - so this is a clear violation of the Nuremberg code, which has previously resulted in those involved being executed in large numbers.

Make no mistake, this is a perilous situation - you are being called now to pay close attention and to do everything possible to peacefully educate yourself and others on the situation - beyond what the controlled narration constantly reinforces via state and corporate controlled media channels.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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NWO needed a starting point, why not the birthplace of nazism?

“We have not managed to get enough unvaccinated people to get vaccinated. The most recent measures have increased daily vaccinations but not enough. For a long time, it was consensus in the country that a vaccine mandate is not necessary, but we have to face reality."

Of course not! We're not all idiots!

I knew it was going to happen sooner than later. That's why my instinct pushed me to flee France to Mexico😅 Still spreading the word in multiple languages now in all my groups. Non-compliance will be very important and should've already been used. Too many still asleep😬 Here's a great song censored on Screwtube that should be the world anthem👏👏🙏
Blind Joe-I Will Not Comply

That's why my instinct pushed me to flee France to Mexico

My tardiness in renewing my passport now finds me a prisoner in my own country. One now needs to show proof of da jab to get one's passport renewed up here in the Confederation of Canuckistan.


Those bastards!🤬🤬🤬 I was lucky and renewed in 2019. There are many Telegram groups with Kanadians trying to escape and many are chartering planes. You could ask for refugee status in Mexico or get fake proof of vaxx.
Join these groups as many are in the same spot as you🙏🙏

Thanks for the links. Considering a WCG Passport which over 185 countries have recognized on a de facto basis.


Sounds a lot like the New World Order. I, personaly would avoid🙏

I, personaly would avoid

Probably good advice. :)

I don't know, but it seems weird🙏

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Austria, the birthplace of Hitler, he would be proud of that nation today.

I have never been there. It's unfortunate for a nation's image that the main things I associate with it are Adolf Hitler and forced vaccination - 9 decades apart!

i went in 2004 lived with rich family in spittal when i was 16

Obviously they didn't learn anything from their dark past.

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Most excellent analysis. I'm afraid that we're preaching to the choir here, but it's still a blessing to have the situation rolled out in a clear, concise format.

I will however point out a mild (as I see it) inconsistency. You mention that the Austrian wave is already going down, but in the following UK graph we see that waves don't always behave as we'd like them to.
This is of course, putting aside the fact that it's highly suspicious what a covid case and/or death really is, like you said.

Just as anexample I found by randomly clicking countries:


Yes, you are right, I intended to point that out more but in the end I left the text a little unclear, I'll update it.

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Very good post, I like what you text here, and also it is very sad to see that lot are in sleep 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

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