300 'Doctors' Try to Cancel Joe Rogan? Events Mirrored by Attempted Execution Of A Radio Host in Uganda For Vax Dissent - Gov Was Proven Wrong!

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Dr. Robert Malone appearing on the Joe Rogan Podcast, achieving what may be the most watched podcast in human history, has generated a predictable response from mainstream voices in the medical world. Appeals to authority, a lack of evidence to rebut his claims and avoidance of depth of detail. Worse than this though is that history shows us a case from Africa that is very similar and where many people died due to government lies - later exposed by a radio show host that they threatened to execute for questioning them publicly!


As you can see, mainstream media has done their best to counter Malone's narrative on Joe Rogan and has been promoting an open letter which has been claimed to have been signed by '270 Doctors' denouncing Rogan and Malone as 'dangerous agents of misinformation'. We can immediately sense the red flags just by opening the article from the Guardian, above, where it shifts to saying that the signatories are actually a combination of Doctors, nurses, researchers and others. The open letter itself lists all concerned and plenty of them are actually medical students or blog editors/writers, not even close to being Doctors!

However, there are clearly a variety of actual Doctors listed too. I'll set aside that when the Gt. Barrington declaration was made by three leading experts from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford Universities, declaring the government control policies for COVID19 to be inept and dangerous, that the pro control people said 'oh, you can't rely on those signatures, anyone could have signed them'... So let's just assume that all the signatures on the open letter are genuinely from who they claim to be from.

I'll share a few quotes from the letter and address them, then I want to share with you a story I have covered previously from Uganda that is highly relevant.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe Rogan has repeatedly spread misleading and false claims on his podcast, provoking distrust in science and medicine.

There is no possible way that having multiple extremely experienced Doctors and scientific researchers in for podcasts can provoke distrust in science and medicine. The people being questioned are from the science and medicine fields - the distrust is for SOME of the people pushing the control narratives, trying to censor dissenters and pushing experimental drugs on children! Science is a conversation and disagreement is a 100% normal and natural part of it - if the mainstream (corporate led) 'science' can't stand up to a podcaster, then it probably needs some work, no?

In episode #1757, Rogan hosted Dr. Robert Malone, who was suspended from Twitter for spreading misinformation about COVID-19

Well, yes, does the actions of a silicon valley Tech company have any baring on the truth or accuracy of scientific claims? Are these Doctors suggesting that Twitter banning Malone is evidence of Malone being incorrect? Rational people would say no.

Dr. Malone’s interview has reached many tens of millions of listeners vulnerable to predatory medical misinformation

'predatory'? really!? Predators literally kill to feed themselves or seek out vulnerable people to intend to do harm to them. This open letter not only slanders Dr. Malone but offers zero evidence to back up it's claim here. Later in the letter they try to say that there is no evidence to back up what Malone is saying about various aspects of the situation, yet they go even further than they say he is, by making claims about him with literally zero evidence offered. At least Malone provides studies and evidence to back up his claims.

As scientists, we face backlash and resistance as the public grows to distrust our research and expertise

You took the job, you made the claims, you get the results. Cause and effect 101.

The rest of the letter is a predictable and almost empty attempt to use appeals to authority to have Spotify capitulate into censoring Rogan and it's entire platform.

Note: Spotify has grown as large as it is largely by doing deals with major record labels that sold out their artists in exchange for equity in Spotify, making the record labels wealthy without them needing to work for it and ultimately making artists worse off. Do not expect Spotify to behave in any kind of renegade way here.

Malone is a scientist who once researched mRNA technology but is now a vocal skeptic of the COVID-19 vaccines that use it.

source: AP

Associated Press tries to 'prove' that Malone did not work to co-invent the mRNA vaccine technology - yet many other articles fully accept that he had a pivotal role in it's early development. He holds numerous relevant patents and has openly said that it was not all his work - he credits the numerous geniuses around him at the time and many others who worked on the technology afterwards. So AP reveals their bias here immediately.

“Psychosis” is a term that refers to conditions that involve some disconnect from reality. According to a National Institutes of Health estimate, about 3% of people experience some form of psychosis at some time in their lives.

source: AP

Psychosis is indeed a disconnection from reality - but what IS reality? We all have our own realities, like it or not. Are you sure that you know who does and does not have psychosis? Sometimes it might be obvious to you - but other times you might be part of a consensus reality that is actually based in error. Were the fans of Nazi Germany in WW2 psychotic? I would say so, but at the time they would have been likely to say that their opponents were psychotic - so psychosis is often subjective. In this case, the claim of mass psychosis by Malone is based on evidence that can be addressed piece by piece, yet that has not happened here from what I can see.

Multiple experts told the AP that while there is evidence that groups can shape or influence one’s behaviors — and that people can and do believe falsehoods that are put forward by the leader of a group — those concepts do not involve the masses experiencing “psychosis”

source: AP

If populations can believe falsehoods spread by leaders, then by definition they are to some extent experiencing psychosis. The scale of the lies determine the degree of psychosis. So again, AP shows that they are at least biased and arguably actually demonstrating psychosis themselves.

I looked through the other relevant links in the open letter looking for data or scientific substance, but they linked to an Instagram post that basically just said 'we debunked Malone'.. lol .. I did not see any real value in the links provided, but by all means point me to any I may have missed.

Ugandan Radio Presenter Mirrors The Joe Rogan Situation

Kihura Nkuba is the founder of Greater African Radio and president of The East African World Broadcasters Association and director of the Pan African Center For Strategic and International Studies. As I covered in a previous article, he was threatened with execution and survived assassination attempts (possibly from agents of pharma corporations) after stumbling into a controversy surrounding polio vaccines.

The short version is that the Ugandan government was forcing live Polio vaccines on the population, despite them being highly dangerous and being banned in most countries. Children were running into the jungle to escape being forcibly vaccinated, sometimes at gunpoint, by government forces. It became apparent that many of those vaccinated, died - while those who ran away survived. Nkuba raised the topic on his popular radio show and was swiftly threatened by the government as a result.

The government wanted to charge him with sedition, which would have meant his execution! The intense pressure caused him to study vaccination to as high a degree as he could. After the government closed his radio station down, the people rioted in disgust and eventually the government agreed to have him on air to debate with their 'experts' on the topic of the polio vaccine.

Nkuba was worried, but it turned out that the government experts were actually clueless and not only demonstrated that they lacked understanding of their own field but they actually contradicted each other on air.

Eventually it was accepted that the use of the wrong Polio vaccine had killed large numbers of people in Uganda and that he was correct.

You can watch his presentation here:

Now, it's clear that no matter what your stance on the COVID19 shots, there is a pattern emerging here that is a direct mirror of what happened in Uganda. However, in this situation the outcome is not yet as clear.

In both cases we have effectively a radio/podcast host challenging the mainstream narrative on vaccines and finding himself on the receiving end of attempts to silence him. Perhaps Joe Rogan, Dr. McCullough and Dr. Malone need to have a long show where they invite on their main detractors to present evidence and make clear to the public who demonstrates greater capacity for expertise, plus has the better evidence?

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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As scientists, we face backlash and resistance as the public grows to distrust our research and expertise

They don't understand that these attempts to silence and censor people is exactly what is creating the backlash, resistance, and distrust that they're complaining about?

They are relying on 'appeal to authority' - a logical fallacy that basically says 'we are the ones who know, so we are right' and that's that. Once you rely on such things, censoring and even executions are justified to keep your world 'in order' - what the other people think is irrelevant as they are too dumb to think for themselves.

First heard of this when I saw a link to a Rolling Stone Article about it.
Didn't read their article tho, read yours instead

hehe, thanks, yeah you won't get much value added by the centralised and standardised media.

It's only one part of the agenda but watching the coronhoax implode will be a spectacular sight!

expect denial and all kinds of bizarre and unhinged behaviours!

If they try to cancel Joe Rogan, they are scared...and they have all the reason.😊
Babylon is falling...finally.

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Team 'X' cancelling team 'Y' is now outraged team 'Y' is cancelling team 'X' and as team 'Y' cancels team 'X' team 'X' cancels team 'Y' as team 'X' cancels team 'Y' as team 'Y' cancels team 'X' and it just goes on like this as both 'X' and 'Y' act the exact same way yet have convinced themselves of being different.

I don't really see rogan and malone cancelling anyone, they are just trying to put across their points and let people think for themselves.

I said team 'X' and team 'Y'. You filling in the blanks is called 'spin'.

Have a nice day.

Given the context of the post, applying logic it makes sense that you were suggesting that the teams were the characters highlighted in my post. If not then I'm not really sure what you comment means, other than pointing to the futility of trying to cancel people (without actually murdering them. lol).

Once again, you're applying spin, not logic. Logical thing to do is ask a question when you don't understand, then wait for an answer. Unfortunately I don't feel like explaining. It is what it is.

In all seriousness, I highly doubt anyone will take out Rogan (definitely not physically). It's Spotify they're after. Apparently they think they're shareholders or on the board of directors or on the payroll or something and get to call the shots. Rogan does a fine job of brushing this shit off. You're probably more outraged than he is.

I'm not outraged, this is totally par for the course and I wasn't expecting anyone to kill Rogan, though I have had personal death threats just for sharing publicly available scientific studies under a public pro vaccine thread way before COVID19. I'm just wanting to try to fill people in on what has been going on in the vaccine/pharma world that mostly never gets a mention.

No need to explain. I've already proven I have a firm handle on the situation with my initial comment.

But you are still a prick...

You sure?

You mentioned a theoretical involving teams X and Y, insisting that any relation to the "pro-covid" and "anti-covid" narratives has nothing to do with what you said.

I for one, (and it seems that most other responders) have no clue what you meant, if not that. & I consider myself to be intelligent enough to read between the lines.

Not even mad, just trying to make sense of what you're trying to say.

It's interesting that being banned on twitter is used as a reason to not listen to someone.

If my GP doesn't have a twitter account does that mean I shouldn't take their advice? I don't have a twitter account, are all my opinions worthless?