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RE: Co-Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Tech Banned From Twitter After COVID Shot Warnings & Exposing Mass Murder in Hospitals.

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After tweeting a link to this video from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, Dr. Robert Malone got suspended from Twitter. The video is 40 minutes long and completely eviscerates Pfizer. The JRE interview scheduled to get recorded today will likely add the Streisand effect to this attempt at suppressing Malone's opinion about using mRNA tech on people. The video is superb with not a word wasted. It probably had the effect of kicking that neck-breather (Bourla) right in the mindballs.


That's a good video that concisely and clearly expresses the key issues. However, it doesn't contain anything that Dr. Malone, myself and others haven't been saying in chunks for months - I know that because he and I have retweeted each other a few times and I follow his posts quite closely. Not that it really matters that much, but I think that the straw that broke the camel's back was Malone's general recent change in tune where he publicly changed his policy that now he think that no-one should take the shots - but more significantly he started openly advocating for the claim that hospitals are deliberately murdering people (for profit).