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RE: COVID Nurse (2021): Treatments Withheld | Fraud on Every Level | COVID Cases Inflated

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This was so pervasive and so easily instituted, that one has to wonder what percursors to these hijinks existed even before the convid. As someone who spent a lot of time trying to get appropriate care for patients in my personal care, I could see this coming years ago. But I never imagined it could go this far. Care withheld based on a PCR test! Criminal, harmful, corrupt, stay away from these providers.


It is likely that this entire process was planned decades in advance and structured to create the maximum death and profit, while minimising the risk of population revolt.
Yesterday's whistelblower testimony of a freemason from 2010 makes this somewhat clear:

Oh! I only watched the snippet of this longer video that you also posted. Will get to this one after tai chi! Thanks

Your supposition regarding the long term planning appears to be corroborated in this thread here: