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RE: Ex CDC Boss States Fauci Funded Creation of COVID Virus & Covered It Up. What's Being Missed?

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NIH had very little funding allocations for that lab. It’s a huge ass lab and btw still up and running ;p

I wouldn’t go to war over it.


The issue is not about the lab itself, the issue is the type of work done as a result of the grants. In reality they have issued numerous grants over numerous years, there are active ones for GOF research with eco health alliance even now - taking SARS CoV 2 and making it more dangerous. This hasn't fully been explained in the hearings yet.

I’m not sure how big the cake really is. If it’s the whole world participating in an off shore lab 🧪 do you want to arrest 5000 top level admins and researcher, maybe even the students working on partner projects?

There has to be an end goal if you go after literally everyone. Maybe Trump was right, start by defunding the WHO and work your way forward down that rabbit hole. Their response to COVID was very suspicious.

Trump was what I'd call a distancer. He was/or has been distanced from everyone involved though he was directly involved, even more so than the others because he was at the helm upon it's release, that was no mistake and was done by design. Most people won't get the psychology behind that thought unless they are well schooled in psychology or they've lived a period of time under a same scenario. Everyone involved is distanced by the perp himself. He didn't create the virus, that was two decades in progress. I am working on an op that will prove beyond any doubt Trump's involvement. I will give you a clue, when Trump said that Biden will listen to the scientist what he meant was the science behind the vaccine not the actual virus, many scientist argued against mRNA as a vehicle for delivery of a vaccine. This is why Trump has repeatedly insisted that the vaccine was his and to many people were trying to claim credit for it. There's more that goes along with that, but Biden would follow the "science" because he was too mentally incapacitated to distinguish between long established science and those doctors, scientist trying to warn about "their" science when it came to the vaccines. I am not convinced Fauci was the direct push behind the use of mRNA vaccine, he, as always, whom also was being paid more than even they were , was just doing what the bosses were telling him. My personal opinion is that they can scream Fauci, Fauci, Fauci all they want but the only reason he can walk around so nonchalant as he does is because he doesn't sign off on where all that money goes, those monies are well accounted for in congressional budgets and for him to go down so does Bush, Obama, Trump, Fauci & friends, and more than likely so does Bolton. I just don't see that happening, I wish but I can't see it.

That is what I see too. From the moment that the whole world was on Lock-Down, History changed. Sweden was a strange outlier but later added incident-based behavior rules as well. I don't think the Lock-Downs did any good, but now they are part of the countermeasures that "have been taken to fight the globe Pandemic of COVID19". None can start dragging all the governments before the court in order to demand consequences for civil rights violations, there's no court big enough to hear such a case. Humanity vs Its Government #getwracked

Lessen have to be learned, consequences have to be taken, and a new Generation of Politics and Medical Professionals has to rise, and then, only after decades down the road from now, we'll correct the past.

There are several European countries who haven't always curtailed to the EC, there are several that never signed onto a universal constitution. Like I said I think the implementation of a lot of stuff coincided with them having gained more power than not, meaning having the greater control mechanism. But people can always be driven to rise to the occasion if backed into a corner they don't like and power in that regard can be reversed, it, as history has shown, sometimes ends up coming down to those willing to die for a cause.

The size of the cake in terms of grants for GOF research is probably close to $100M for eco health alliance, based on what I've seen but it is pretty likely that this is a drop in the ocean compared to other projects. The whole world is clearly not involved, in reality the number of people involved is going to less than 0.001% of the world population.

Following world war 2 many Doctors, nurses and scientists were executed for their role in what to them was 'settled science' that resulted in the deaths of far less people than have died during COVID19. It made no difference if they thought they were doing 'good' - they were hung until dead. I urge everyone to watch the following documentary that makes very clear the way that a combination of normalised psychopathy, evil beliefs and massive self aggrandisement led to those tragic events and the nuremberg trials. The Nuremberg code for medical ethics was one of the steps people took at that time to try to protect future generations and it was consistently and deliberately denied during COVID in several ways.

No-one on Earth is likely to survive for long if we do not decentralised power and that includes decentralised governance and also health'care'.

There was nothing wrong with health care until Trump changed the way funding was set up for public health departments. That allowed them to federally fund and expand epidemiologist, which started under Bush, continued under Obama and was expanded under Trump along with initiating programs for genome, genetics, mRNA and informatics. Through funding they took control of public health departments across the US which was expressed as allowing them to be on the "same page", that's why you saw so many heads of public health departments mimicking the same talking points as the CDC. It was way more than 100 million given to EHA. Trump alone gave them 110 million dollars, ten times more than any other president. It's going to surprise many just how involved in this he was. You are going to see how they hog tied the hands of the medical community to use emergency authorized drugs that the government had complete control over, how Trump hog tied everyone into this mRNA. This goes way beyond Fauci, and like I said I'd be really surprised if they took down three once sitting presidents over this. Those involved are so sick and deluded everyone from congressional members, states, other countries, media are running scared. I'd go as far as to say that the reign of fear didn't start with covid but with the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. I'd also go as far as to say the mysterious poisoning of those fish in Poland is highly suspect of their work given the EU wanted compromise from Poland over some land and that the train derailments seen in OH may have never been an accident given that here is the US the objective is for complete takeover of the battleground states to ensure they maintain power. In the last two years they've managed to turn the MI house and senate blue, PA is about completed, worked on turning WI and now they are working on bringing OH into their compliances. I can see all this because I am not just focused on Fauci and his crew because reality is without the power above him none of this could have happened and the majority of this couldn't have been accomplished with out having already ascertained a greater power of control than what they hadn't had in the past.

You think they act out domestic terror in order to sway voters?

No, to sway compliance with their demands of government officials who will buck up against them. I think the release of the virus served a multitude of purposes. I don't think when Trump said after his remark, which I was in a hurry and had to go back and refocus my train of thought on his Biden will listen to the scientist remark, that we'd be in a depression if he'd listen to the scientist meant an immediate depression but we were headed for an array of ills financially when it came to social security, medcaid, medicare over the next decade, global economy crashing ills. Though you can't rule out that China's housing market was hanging by a thread during his tenure and how that influenced things economically in reference to any immediate global financial threats and it's impact if it had been allowed to fail. The timing of the release coincided with a lot of upcoming events including the 100 year cycle of the solar minimum that will bring forth extreme weather events to push the climate change narrative. The influence or sway over voters was the need out of safety concerns to initiate the expansion of mail in balloting. I don't think they meant it as a one up event for no excuse balloting because they also put those measures of expansions of no excuse mail in ballots on ballots in 2020, extensions of times people can vote and the extensions allowed for mail in ballots to be returned and counted. The last two years saw them place proposals on ballots that would drive historical record turn out of people who rarely voted to never voted in their lives, like legalizing marijuana and the abortion issue, this put millions of new people on voter rules. Those extensions given to count ballots allows them time to run voter recorders of those who voted and those who didn't, they can than either switch out one for another or use those who didn't vote to counter the count of those who did. It's pretty cleaver when you think about it because people who didn't vote wouldn't go check to see if there vote was ever received. This was actually an accusation made in the last AZ race. When machines that were certified just hours before the race as working broke down the next morning at several locations, the ballots of people affected by it were taken off somewhere to be counted. There was accusations of no chain of command of who handled those ballots and they could have easily been switched out. Ironically the number of ballots needed to win the machines were fixed right before that projected win margin.

With Ohio they have been bucking up against the system pretty heavy the last two years. Introducing and in some cases getting legislation passed on stand your ground laws, banning teaching critical race theory, banning books out of school libraries on lgbtq gender stuff, etc.,

100M would be a rather substantial part. It's just the scale inside of the governmental apparatus that would have been partially active and informed is so waste. Probably Obama, Trump, and even the Biden administration.

In the US you will get information and discussions on these topics and that might also be the only country in the world tackling those issues. Don't expect the EU or Canada to uphold civil rights, that's a lost cause.

The nurses got prosecuted in the Nürnberg trails? I'll watch this tomorrow.