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RE: I was wrong... Coronavirus is worse than the seasonal flu.

in COVID-19last year

How can it be worse if it's disappearing ...?
We trust WHO and "false positive" numbers now?
Herd Immunity "kicked in" a long time ago...
Now we gotta stop the "solutions" of PRS (Problem Reaction "Solution")


You'll notice that the title was click-bait, since the "official" death toll just ticked over the low average for the seasonal flu, every year. If you actually listen to the video or read the post I'm clearly breaking down the scam :-)

Actually i read the post and i watched the whole video, that's why your "click bait" headline confused me.

Oh, gotcha!

I mostly used that title because I was also posting it on YT & FB, hoping to get some folks feeling "I told you so" to watch the video and get truth-bombed a bit :-P

Gotcha, too ;) I overstand.
In our times of fake news and lamestream media it can become confusing... all good.
Yo Kenny, i am very interested in your landtrust/land patent topic.
Amazing research! Way to go to "free up" Mother Earth and "get rid" of governments.
Anything new?
Greetings Brother