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RE: Ex CDC Boss States Fauci Funded Creation of COVID Virus & Covered It Up. What's Being Missed?

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Hello from Cuba. Happy to see this approach, this kind of "deep dive". I have not looked before to this topic, but certainly you connect a lot of points that are enough for me to do my own research and maybe come back to you with a More substancial and informed comment.

Though you aren't interested in democracy, I see that the discussion on this concept is directly connected with the referred hearing. What topics Republicans select and what's the approach followed? Best regards.


As I am uninformed regarding Cuban access to the internet, I am not particularly surprised to hear you haven't dove into this topic, regardless of it's exigent threat posture. Given the possible restrictions on access to the internet in Cuba, I can recommend 'The Real Anthony Fauci' by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as a good source of information on the topic.

If you can get books in Cuba, that is.

Thanks for your kind feedback. I don't have problem with Internet access. Though it's not the best we have some alternatives. In my case I have a very good fixed broadband connection at my work. I just have not looked into this trend but Will do it ASAP. I already downloaded the suggested book. Best regards from the island.