The fact that there are "new cases" of COVID-19 means literally nothing

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Over the last couple of weeks, since states have started re-opening, there's been a lot of headlines (1, 2) making claims about new cases, trying to make it seem like the ending of the lockdowns is the cause of those new cases.

The thing is, those "cases" could easily have been infected weeks or months ago, and as the Australian Department of Health says: "The extent to which a positive PCR result correlates with the infectious state of an individual is still being determined." That's assuming they indicate anything at all.

We know that the number of new "confirmed cases" is directly related to the number of new tests given that week/month, and so, as people leave their houses more and start going to their doctor/the hospital, more tests are going to be given, and more "confirmed cases" will appear.

Meanwhile, Professor Michael Levitt of Stanford University says:

"I think lockdown saved no lives"

"I think it may have cost lives. It will have saved a few road accident lives - things like that - but social damage - domestic abuse, divorces, alcoholism - has been extreme. And then you have those who were not treated for other conditions."

And as the Times of London covered a few weeks back:

England and Wales have experienced a record number of deaths in a single week, with 6,000 more than average for this time of year.

Only half of those extra numbers were attributed to the coronavirus. Experts said they were shocked by the rise, particularly in non-Covid-19 deaths, and expressed concern that the lockdown might be having unintended consequences for people’s health.

If you haven't already figured out that this whole thing is being orchestrated by, and for the benefit of, folks like Bill Gates, it's time to catch up. @CorbettReport just recently put out this 4-part documentary series on how Bill Gates completely monopolized global "health" in the last couple of decades, and not only is set to make hundreds of billions of the pandemic, but the responses are all 100% in line with his agenda... As one should expect since this whole script was test-run at his Event 201 back in October.


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did they die with covid-19 or form it, that is the question of 2020...