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RE: Warning & Grief After Sister Dies From COVID19 Shot

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I would expect we will be seeing much more of this knowing the plan. Prepare your hearts for excess morbidity from the shot not the flu.

When the world decides its Americas fault, it will be much worse than WWII in Germany here in the land of the weak and submissive. What happened in Germany was a planned destruction. It is happening again......we have been taught history repeats itself but no one listens.


I have seen a few more of these testimonies recently and hundreds of documented, similar cases a few months ago. Denial is epic unfortunately, so the chances are the people will just continue on as if nothing happened. History repeats because the lessons are not learned, yes.

Yes but at some point it will hit them. The bodys are not all going to melt. I have read that they are cremating all convid deaths in the United States of AIPAC.