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RE: Ex CDC Boss States Fauci Funded Creation of COVID Virus & Covered It Up. What's Being Missed?

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Where's the pitchforks and torches....

Faucci lied this is a scam china did it we funded it.

Not a word of what happened for the patient zero or the leak. But they got a huge history of leaks...

SHARED!!!! Dang!!!!!

Yep it's all real.

So does that mean the creepy pasta wet market confession is real? The one that it was a spy operation gone wrong?.

Wild. Just wild!!!

This is big.


If you review the links I shared in this post to my other posts in detail, you will see that this is all most likely part of a long standing (15+ year) plan with certain multidimensional goals. I am not 100% clear on China's role but I suspect they are more victims than anything else.. Corrupt victims, but victims none the less.