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RE: Angry US Doctors Speak Out: COVID19 Is ALREADY CURABLE - 1000s Have Died Needlessly. July 2020.

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Hello ura-soul,

first of all, I would like to say that I am one of those who believe that the measures taken by governments are disproportionate and must be stopped immediately.

However, I would always be wary of such news, which is generally seen as a cure for all.
The doctors, if you ask them and they are good doctors would say that every patient wants to be seen, examined, asked and treated individually. According to a German doctor, the drug Hydroxychloroquine is not tolerated by everyone. So please deal with such news specifically and do not make the same mistakes as the classic media. Do more research, please. It is important that we citizens keep ourselves well informed and differentiate information.

Here is a - only partial - translation of a very extensive German article by Dr. Wodarg (internist and pulmonologist, specialist for hygiene and environmental medicine as well as for public health and social medicine. He has worked as a public health officer in Schleswig-Holstein, lecturer at universities and technical colleges and chairman of the expert committee for health-related environmental protection at the Schleswig-Holstein Medical Association. In 2009 he initiated the committee of inquiry into the role of the World Health Organization in the swine flu crisis in Strasbourg):

The massive, disproportionately high death rate of Covid-19 patients with dark skin and from southern countries is apparently also the result of medication errors. Affected are people with a special enzyme deficiency, which occurs mainly in men whose families come from regions where malaria was or is endemic. They are currently being treated with Hydroxychloroquine, an incompatible drug that is now being used all over the world in the fight against Covid-19. If this does not stop quickly, there is a risk of mass mortality, especially in Africa.

I was aware of a case with mysterious symptoms that was described in 2014 by Swedish pneumologists in a young patient from Nigeria who had died of the disease. At that time, an enzyme deficiency was suspected and actually found to be a possible cause after death, which occurs in 20 to 30 percent of the population in many regions of Africa.

It is the so-called glucose-6-dehydrogenase deficiency, or "G6PD deficiency", one of the most common genetic peculiarities, which can lead to a threatening haemolysis (dissolution of red blood cells), mainly in men, if certain drugs or chemicals are taken.

This hereditary trait is particularly common among ethnic groups living in areas with malaria (not only Africa but also in other countries south of the equator/translator's note). The modified G6PD gene offers advantages in the tropics. It makes their carriers resistant to malaria pathogens. However, G6PD deficiency is also dangerous if those affected come into contact with certain substances found in, for example, field beans, currants, peas and a number of medicines.

I looked at the drugs that can cause severe haemolysis in G6PD deficiency and got a big scare. One of the substances that is called very dangerous in all forms of this enzyme deficiency is the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

There are now hundreds of studies worldwide, planned or ongoing by different sponsors, in which HCQ is used alone or together with other drugs. When I looked at some large trials to see if patients with G6PD deficiency were excluded, I found no evidence of this in most study plans. In the USA, for example, a large multicenter study with 4,000 subjects from healthy medical personnel is being prepared. Here, however, the term "hypersensitivity" is only used in general terms, as is the case with all drugs with regard to allergic reactions. A chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine study by Oxford University (NCT04303507) with a planned 40,000 participants also makes no mention of the risk of G6PD deficiency. In another large study by the Pentagon, however, there is an explicit warning to exclude G6PD deficiency patients from the study.

In addition, due to a lack of alternatives, HCQ has been tolerated and massively applied in many countries since the beginning of the year as part of a so-called "compassionate use". In medicine, compassionate use refers to the use of not yet approved drugs in emergency situations.

source in German

Greetings from Germany


There may be numerous issues involved and each individual needs to be assessed as an individual, yes. However, the policies that are being forced on us all are being made not on the basis of individual assessment but on generalised averages and also many wrong assumptions. It's fine to highlight mistakes people are making, that is an essential part of science. A key problem here is that big tech companies are taking it upon themselves to decide what is true without allowing individuals to study ALL of the evidence and think for themselves. There are numerous studies from around the world that support the use of this triad of compounds. I myself have no experience in them and am only seeking to highlight testimony and evidence. I have a major problem with censorship, especially when people's lives are at stake. I know of numerous cases where people's lives have been saved as a result of courageous fighting by family members to overturn incorrect policy decisions by 'medical professionals' who were 'convinced' that treatments would not work, which actually did.

I don't think the doctors here are saying that everyone who is sick will instantly be cured by this combination of chemicals. They are generally saying that the claims made against these chemicals are often false and the beliefs people have been given as a result of wrong science are holding dangerously limiting policies in place.

I see that you have not given an upvote to my addition of information, which I find incomprehensible as I have given you valuable detailed information about this particular drug. I didn't do this because I would not support your post, for example, but precisely because I support it. I also did not censor in any way, so I do not understand why you are referring to this. I just put some additional information in here because I find your headline a bit too lurid and therefore pointed out the mistakes of the classical media. No, I also did not say that the doctors praise the drug as a panacea, quite the contrary. But the population, which the media usually remember through their headlines, could disseminate information incorrectly and thereby also endanger relatives who have the said enzyme deficiency and wrongly turn to doctors in the hope of treating them with HCQ. As Dr Wodarg said, this fact is NOT known to all doctors. It is therefore important to bring this to the public in such a differentiated way.

I am in the same boat with you, I am a normal person without a lobby and I see the basic rights of people currently suspended and also in danger in the long term.

Hi, Since posting this video I have had to deal with a constant barrage of stupid and ill informed comments from people who have done no research and have nothing better to do than act as if they know what they are talking about (mostly on Facebook). I am not including you in that group, I am just pointing out that I have not had much time to respond on detail to meaningful comments or to curate them.
I have been learning more about HCQ since I made this post and did not want to draw any conclusions without having more information, so I found your comment useful but I had no way to know it's accuracy. I still haven't had time to look into the details you mentioned, but I will do when I get more time.

As I recall, I was triggered by your phrase 'Do more research, please.' as this is exactly the kind of thing that people have been saying who have themselves done zero research! I am not saying that you have done zero research, I am just saying that a long queue of people have been using similar language who are effectively wasting everyone's time and so I chose to prioritise other things while making sense of the topic.

I have upvoted your comment but please remember that upvotes are not guaranteed in any situation on Hive and other people have lives that keep them very busy! Wishing you well.