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RE: Angry US Doctors Speak Out: COVID19 Is ALREADY CURABLE - 1000s Have Died Needlessly. July 2020.

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The tiniest bit of research on this woman will tell you that she believes having sex with witches and demons is responsible for causing endometriosis in women.

Spoiler alert, it isn't.

She's a quack and a Trump stooge.

Do with that info what you will.


Her beliefs have no bearing on the effectiveness of the treatments involved. The efficacy of the triple treatment is not measured only by the testimony of one person - there have been numerous qualified people publicly stating (and publishing studies) that this combination works very effectively. I personally advocate for the removal of all beliefs, but I still appreciate that people who hold beliefs can also be correct.

Of course they have a bearing. Ovarian cysts are a medical condition, so if a supposed doctor is saying they are caused by demons, she is suggesting that they can be cured by prayer and not medicine and treatment.

It's like if your mechanic said that he felt that bad spirits were causing your brakes to squeak, would you carry on taking your car to him?

Having studied the nature of the spirit levels of reality, how they relate to manifest physical reality and numerous of the related elements, I am much more aware of the details than I once was and I disagree with most people's perception of the reality of the situation. I would need to talk with her directly to understand what exactly she meant.
If a Christian doctor gives someone a drug that heals them and also thinks that demons exist, does that mean that the person wasn't healed?

Lol at the gullible

Numerous peer reviewed studies confirm HCQ efficacy for COVID19:

Henry Ford Medical Group study shows Hydroxychloroquine, when used appropriately, cut the death rate of #COVID19 patients in half.

Here's another little gem from her

Immanuel has also alleged that masks of all kinds are superfluous, because COVID-19 can be easily cured with hydroxychloroquine. But in a Facebook video advertising her clinic, Immanuel said anyone seeking treatment should wear a mask before entering the clinic.

In the sermon, Immanuel preserved special vitriol for the Magic 8-Ball, a toy that can be shaken up to “reveal” any answer. Immanuel claims the otherwise innocuous Magic 8-Ball was in fact a scheme to get children used to witchcraft.

“The 8-Ball was a psychic,” she said.

She's batshit crazy, not credible, definitely not worth repeating her nonsense.


Again, we would need to know the context of the mask issue. She may be unable to open the doors legally without enforcing mask wearing.
In any case, I don't feel any need to defend her in order to highlight the blatant egregiousness of censoring numerous doctors.

Do her comments, which I have not confirmed, mean that the thoughts of the other 8+ Doctors are irrelevant? Science doesn't really care about beliefs, it cares about results.

Henry Ford Medical Group study shows Hydroxychloroquine, when used appropriately, cut the death rate of COVID19 patients in half.