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RE: Co-Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Tech Banned From Twitter After COVID Shot Warnings & Exposing Mass Murder in Hospitals.

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I can't imagine how people can live with a dirty soul after commiting these awful things on other human beings.It is sad that history repeats itself again and again and that humanity did not learn any lesson from past atrocities


Denial is what is behind all of this. Once you deny your own emotions and reality itself, then deny that you are in denial - you are then completely removed from understandings that would keep you 'clean'.

What a good thought! I think that your perspective is interesting, often when we deny something to ourselves we also deny it to others. And this can be associated with self hate which is then projected onto the world. O strongly believe that if people would be kinder with themselves , they would also be kinder with others.

Happy New Year and a great 2022!🤗

Absolutely, yes. We tend to find that the things we hate most in others we are reflecting to us things we hate about ourselves. A lot of conflict is actually people resisting their own reflection! Ending denial is what will change the story <3

Welcome to another Earth orbit!

A lot of conflict is actually people resisting their own reflection!

This sums it up pretty well and nice! The war of the reflections indeed, this can make someone truly reflect on why they are fighting.

Have a great 2022🤗

Thanks, you too!