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RE: Ex CDC Boss States Fauci Funded Creation of COVID Virus & Covered It Up. What's Being Missed?

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The whole 'vaccine' agenda has been spiritually corrupt since the beginning, as has the whole pharma-culture: Rudolf Steiner outed the agenda in the 1920s, before it even started rolling out, saying that a system was being introduced which was going to alter (i.e. disconnect) human beings from their very spiritual conscious.

Those of us who have antidoted the vaccine damage done to our mindbodyspirit in our lifetime, and who have removed ourselves from the medicalisation-of-life 'norms', are able to see crystal clearly and to recognise what our True Nature is - that of profoundly powerful co-creative beings within a larger even-more-profoundly-power-full co-creative collective conscious - and within an even greater-etc intelligent co-creative Cosmos.

The revelations will keep coming for a long time yet: the tip of the iceberg is the whole vaccine and medicalisation-of-life organised crime system; everything follows from there. Nothing is what it claims to be, most of it is intentionally distorted (in order for our consciousness to be distracted whilst the system harvests our vital force via sweat equity) - and we will all become conscious of that, eventually!

Much love and encouragement to you in the revealing you're doing, dear @ura-soul !!



Thankyou, yes, I agree 100%. Every belief that beings hold which define themselves as being incapable of healing themselves and/or evolving to the state where they can heal themselves of anything, is one that serves the purpose of empowering the vampiric power structures on Earth and that deletes the individual's own personal power.

Nicely put 🙏

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