US COVID vaccines: their power fleeting, their usefulness limited

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This is going to be a quick one. And yes, I cut some corners drawing an image of the virus that you see above - but as a symbol, I don't see why it wouldn't do.

Either way - as I have already said in a few of my reports, the vaccines currently on the market that are designed to protect against COVID-19 appears to lose its effectiveness rather rapidly. Recent research confirms as much.

According to this research, the effectiveness of the Moderna vaccine went from 89.2% down to 58% in the half year period from March to September of 2021, while Pfizer vaccine dropped from 86.9% to 43.3% and Johnson & Johnson from 86.4% to 13.1% - the most drastic drop of them all. So even if all of these technologies were 100% safe - which they are not - if anyone gives you the familiar "safe and effective" trope you would be quite in your right to ask, "For how many days or weeks?"

This is just a short report. Hopefully, it is informative because mainstream media reporters certainly won't be falling all over themselves to bring this news to you. And this is important news for anyone seeking the truth about these vaccines and trying to decide whether or not to take it.


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This really an important information,I have actually been scared of taking this vaccines cos something tells me that it is not reall as safe as it said to be.

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