Massachusetts man reportedly on the mend following a court-ordered Ivermectin treatment

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April Rose is a Facebook friend of mine. While I have never met her in person she seems to be an honest and genuine person and is quite knowledgeable of issues related to COVID-19. I don't know too many details and, furthermore, I am not sure what part of what I know about April is open to the public and what part was published for "friends only". So if you wish to know more about April's perspective please contact her directly. Same goes for others involved in this particular situation.

What I can say is that what she describes definitely fits a pattern. A new virus has emerged - specifically, SARS-CoV-2. It causes a novel viral infection, COVID-19, which is a mild inconvenience to many but a major, or even lethal, disease to some. Certain generic drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermection, Remdesivir appear to provide an effective treatment for said disease. Yet the medical establishment categorically rejects these treatments as unproven in favor or a novel vaccine-type treatment of various kinds, with most of these vaccines being based on novel messenger RNA (mRNA) technology. This technology is just now coming into use on humans and is, hence, unproven by definition, at least as far as its potential long term effects are concerned.

Certain oddities associated with the overall situation also need to be noted. For example, the above-mentioned mRNA vaccines were only originally authorized in the US by the US FDA under the so-called Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). And an EUA can only be issued hen other treatment options are not available, So it is as if those behind the development and marketing for those vaccines would very much like to pretend other treatment options for COVID-19 do not exist, even if they very well may exist and be quite effective, too.

Meanwhile, I hope Jason is getting better and we will soon get to hear another story of successful use of an Ivermectin-based regiment to treat COVID.


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hope covid end soon and he gett well soon

COVID is here to stay - same as flu.
And thanks - I too hope Jason gets back to health too.

but I hope the pandemic ends soon

The pandemic may be over already - COVID by now may be just another endemic disease.

You are right but in some countries they are still facing problems controlling it.

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