COVID vaccines may increase, not decrease your chances of getting infected

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Chances of being infected with COVID-19 for vaccinated individuals
Image courtesy: David Archibald/Wentworth Report

I have to say it - but it may be even worse than I thought earlier. And to those who would accuse me of being happy about that as I am supposedly an "anti-vaxxer" (no, I am not, I am all for adequate vaccines) - no, that is not the case, if for no other reason than due to the fact that many people I care about have taken this shot.

So as I have reported earlier and as David Archibald reports in his article linked below, the efficiency of all 3 major vaccine technologies vanes rapidly and starts rendering little protection within as short a time period as half-year. But in addition to that, based on the official data out of the UK, it makes you more likely, in general, to get infected, not less likely. So let me repeat that: if you get the shot, while you do get some protection against severe illness or death from COVID, you become more likely to be infected with the virus. And as outlandish as it may sound at first, that is likely indeed the case as many other reports confirm the same trend, including recent reports out of the state of Vermont in the US which, while being the most vaccinated state at the time, also sported the nation's highest per capita infection rates.

Please read reference materials below. Please do your own research. Please prove me wrong if you can - this is one of those occasions when I would absolutely love to be proven wrong.


The Covid Vaccines Have Failed
David Archibald, Wentworth Report, 11 December 2021

US COVID vaccines: their power fleeting, their usefulness limited
@borepstein, 7 November 2021

Vermont, the most vaccinated state, sees unprecedented spike in COVID infections
@borepstein, 1 November 2021

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We don't know what and who to believe in anymore.

That is an understandable sentiment but in reality you make decisions on where to place your confidence often, multiple times every day, most likely.

Personally, I prefer to go with the confluence of data and evidence - i.e., go with whatever there is strongest evidence for.

I don’t think you’re wrong, I don’t trust the vaccine either. Moreover, my colleague at work after vaccination also fell ill and ended up in the hospital, where 80% of patients were also vaccinated.

Hope your colleague gets well soon.
Where was that?
Overall, this sort of data is exactly in line with reports from too many locations to mention, so this is hardly some sort of a local anomaly.

This is in Russia, and a colleague has already recovered. Only his attitude towards life has changed. Other meanings. In general, many of us are afraid of vaccination.

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