COVID-19 death count in Massachusetts

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A recent change in accounting rules will see some deaths previously accounted as unrealted to COVID listed as COVID deaths, whereas others previously listed as caused by COVID to be attributed as other causes. The new inclusions appear to mostly be those that were discovered through correlation of medical records which points to COVID being a severe infection reasonably viewed as a cause of death. The cases struck from the rolls are primarily those died within 60 days of being diagnosed with COVID but with little to no evidence of the infection being severe enough to be a contributing factor in the death. The net effect is a reduction of the state's COVID death toll from 23,700 to about 20,000, or a reduction of about 15%.

Notable about this change is the lack of public discussion of the change. And what we should watch for is other changes of the same sort. That may come as an important component for constructing a truthful narrative of the pandemic.


COVID-19 deaths in Massachusetts to drop under new counting method
Associated Press, 11 March 2022

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It used to be vice versa in early pandemic period in my country. Some deaths caused by Covid were counted as flu or influenza.

Some says and believe that Covid-19 is a scam. I get confuse when find such opinion in social media!

The virus itself is not a scam - it exists, it causes a disease and some people (a few I would opine) actually die from it.

Now that said, a lot of scams have been started around that virus, best I can tell.

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