79,000 Australians have suffered an adverse reaction to COVID vaccine shots, as admitted by government and mainstream media

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A mainstream media report (linked below) states that 79,000 people in Australia have suffered an adverse reaction to a COVID shot. Obviously, those adverse reactions are different in their severity and, while some, and possibly most of them, are relatively mild, some are bound to be severe and, statistically speaking, some have almost certainly resulted in death.

At this point in time I would like to avoid the discussion of drawbacks and benefits of these vaccines. I have dedicated some space to that subject already - some of that can be found at the links - and I am certainly not done with the subject. But here I would like to merely present a statistical context. Hopefully, upon seeing it you will agree with me that whatever your stance on the overall situation, the figure in the title is neither insignificant, nor trivial.

Australia is a country of almost 26 million people. So far, according to Worldometer, Australia experienced 462,934 COVID cases and 2,259 COVID deaths. While currently the case count is high - likely, due to the highly infective Omicron variant - the serious or critical cases are currently a mere 0.1% of the case total, or under 200 people. Of the people who have died thus far, a large percentage are people of advanced age - for example, if memory serves, at one point a third of all Australian COVID fatalities were women over 90 years of age. Assuming the same death rate holds and assuming the case count is accurate and there have been no uncounted cases - all highly pessimistic assumptions - Australia can expect about 127,000 people, or roughly 0.5% of its population. to die of COVID when all is said and done.

Meanwhile 79,000 healthy Asutralians - that we know of, or that were officially acknowledged as such - have been damaged by vaccines aimed at keeping them safe from COVID. That is 0.3% of all Australians, or 0.35% of Australians eligible for the jab, or 0.4% of those who did receive it. In short, one out of 250 Australians who received a COVID vaccine has been damaged by it.

As usual - don't take my word for anything, do your own research, draw your own conclusions.

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And those are just the numbers that we know about too. A lot of the numbers go un-reported so there is a huge multiplier of under-reporting.

Thanks for posting.


Probably, given the political pressure involved in this particular situation, the underreporting ratio is evern more severe than it would have been normally.

We don't know what the side effects of vaccines will be in long-term. First, second dose not enough, now they want third, fourth.

Absolutely correct.

I think that the resources put in by government and scientists have amounted to null. I'm suspecting a capitalist business line making significant wealth from the distribution of this vaccine. If the vaccination is not effective what'll the ordinary people do.

The disease itself is not a major threat to the majority of the population.

And yes, financial exploitation is definitely at play here, but there is a potential for even more nefarious agendas being carried out - agendas such as global dictatorship, depopulation, etc.

I was talking to an Australian internet buddy the other day and he told me that even the most pro vaccination people, the same people that were pro-lockdown and pro (insert whatever else the government told them to do) are starting to turn around. Hopefully this means they will vote out basically all of their leaders in the next elections and that the rest of the world will do the same.

I hope your buddy is right.
But it might take more than just voting to correct the situation at this point.

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