COVID 19 Summer - how can we venture out and still stay safe?

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COVID 19 is not going away so easily folks. Please know the situation in your community. If cases are rising - DO NOT venture out if avoidable please! Especially for social events.

But I am also realistic. I get it - you are sick of quarantine, stir crazy, and the Zoom calls are getting old. People want to go to the beach, to a friend's cookout, and damnit stay at a hotel for the weekend! So yes this is going to happen.... BUT how can we do this safely with the 'Rona lingering around. I discuss how to try and still enjoy the summer, by using precautions published by the CDC - IF cases are dropping and are low where you are.

Now although the cases seem to be downtrending in the previous hot zones, there are several areas where cases are rising. So what measures can we take to try and venture out, but still try to remain cautious and not let our guard down?

The CDC has released a document that aims to help provide some guidance, and precautions for people as our country reopens. I discuss some of those things here.

Also remember - if you are out protesting against racism for black lives matter - please wear a mask and constantly sanitize your hands!

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