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RE: EN/FR - Question to the Pros : NFT How to ? how Much ?

in La Ruche4 months ago

Greetings and thank you for this reply.

In fact I really want to stay on Hive for this, Hive helps me alot, so I want to remain here. Fidelity, you see what I mean ? :) Important thing for me.

Some tell me I should use json to reach my goal... And I will try it unless someone has also ideas to submit. I hope I will be able cause it' slonglong time I didn't code and never really on blockchain


I think json will probably be the best bet- I know some will use python to get data from the chain but I am not much of a coder! It's good to hear you are planning to build on HIVE. There are lots of resources you could call on to get help and advice here on chain too. One of the Pizza guys runs an @learncode account with tutorials on how to use python to interact with the chain.

Looking forward to seeing where all of this leads you!


I will have a look to learncode, but my project is a bit special ... should run on PHP/html if possible as my site is an good old joomla :-)

And yes, Hive is a good place to be, reason why I do not understand why some run towards competitors which cost an arm to use like eth :)

I think eth has its place- it has a lot of success already, deep markets and liquidity, many more tokens and contracts already deployed than can be said for many others. That doesn't mean other chains don't have a lot to offer but it does mean that eth has an advantage in being one of the cryptocurrencies that a newbie can easily find, get advice and information about, and probably holds lower(relatively) risk. !PIZZA

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