My struggle with hemorrhoids

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As a kid, I used to have certain pains that I assumed were normal for everyone so I never really discussed them until I couldn't bear them anymore. My mother knew about my hemorrhoidal pain while I was a child because it was hereditary but she never monitored me enough to help me properly find a solution for it.


As I grew older, I got to know haemorrhoids as piles. I just thought it was a pain in the anus while passing faeces. I knew I had it once in a while when I consumed too many carbohydrates and drank very little water, but I also had friends who did the same thing I do but they felt no pain.

My parents made me feel like I constantly did the wrong things so that caused the problem. I know I don't do the right thing with my diet but I can't be the worse out there. A few days ago, while I still complained about my problem, my mother told me it was hereditary.

What are haemorrhoids?

For a proper understanding of my situation, I should explain to you that Pile/Hemorrhoids are a swelling, either internally or externally on or inside the anus. It is extremely painful, especially when the person who has it tries to pass a stool.

Its major cause is unknown, however, low-fibre meals, sitting for long periods on the toilet, dehydration, pregnancy and constant diarrhoea are some causes. For some of us, it's very hereditary.

Haemorrhoids are not a joke. I mean, I've been joking about my situation over the last couple of days but that doesn't change the fact that I've been going through some incredible amount of pain that's somewhat shameful to discuss.

Due to how the ailment sounds, some people think it's some kind of STD that's contagious and maybe I even got it through anal sex, although that's one way of getting it.

It has a lot to do with lifestyle choices and proper diet. I tend to sit for long hours on the toilet seat, sometimes until I have muscle cramps on my legs and then I move over to my office chair and I sit for 5 hours straight handling one random business or another.

These activities strain the muscle around the anus, causing that swelling to occur that eventually gives me a hard time passing a stool.

How to fix this?

At first, I thought the main solution was dehydration but after talking to my mom, I realised she had an ointment that was meant to reduce the swelling. I've used that ointment, not so religiously, for about 4 days but I'm yet to see or feel any improvements so far.

I also found out from my mom that 2 of my aunts had the haemorrhoid surgery last year and even though she was scheduled to have the surgery a couple of years ago she witnessed an improvement so she cancelled.

I hear that other lifestyle adjustments can also help improve the situation, like an increase in fibre consumption, exercise, reduction of stress, drinking more water and reduction of strain when passing a stool.

At the moment, I haven't done a lot about increasing my fibre consumption and reducing strain while stooling, I have tried my best to adhere to the other lifestyle adjustments while still applying the ointment as often as I can.


I guess this is me educating you on something relatively new if you haven't experienced it before. I do a good job at hiding it but I've been in severe pain over the last couple of days and every single day I have to leave home is dreadful.

Haemorrhoids are not contagious but they are definitely hereditary. It's best to manage them from an early age and make the necessary life adjustments a part of your life.

Unfortunately, I've also had kidney stones as a result of my constant dehydration but I've been trying to impose drinking enough fluids, I guess I'm just not doing that enough.


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I have a friend in secondary that suffer the same problem..He did surgery to fix it...And the doctor recommended some drugs, plus he changed his diet and stop some certain food..

I have tried my best to adhere to the other lifestyle adjustments while still applying the ointment as often as I can.

God will definitely heal you, please take good care of yourself

I'm doing everything to avoid the surgery but I think I might have to eventually.

Sorry about your condition. This is actually the first time I will be hearing about hemorrhoids being hereditary. I remember one of my roommates being hospitalized for this same issue a while back.

By the way, what are you doing spending hours in the toilet? Pressing your phone, I guess! I see people joking about networks being better in toilets on social media and I know that our generation might have a problem of overstaying in the toilet.

I wish you a quick recovery.

I believe they're more of a hereditary problem than even a "sitting in the toilet" problem. Because I've compared my lifestyle in general to a lot of others, I'm not that weird.

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