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RE: Omega 3 and why yes // Omega 3 e por que sim.

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There's a sad phenomenon in my town and region that when you talk seriously about Omega3 people laugh and automatically remember an Omega3 brand host who had a bizarre, wavering voice that sounded like an uncontrolled, chaotic vibrato.

I have not heard about it so far, but now I looked it up.
Although I found only a French singing band, which is not even that bad.

So that automatically the person ignores the Omega3 subject and will talk about the woman's voice. But who knows if I write about it, someone will take it seriously.

Now you got at least one person. Me. Hopefully others will read this too.

DHA, another acid present in Omega3, is very important for people with attention deficit and hyperactivity, or classic symptoms of a tired and unproductive mind, such as "Brain Fog", for example.

This is the first time I hear about DHA. Probably most people have not heard about it either so far. I looked this up too. Good to know that DHA is also a component part of every cell of our bodies.

I won't go into too much depth so as not to make the text tiring, but we still have benefits for the eyes, for the viscosity of the blood, for the baby's development and the care of the pregnant woman, reduction of cardiac risks, helps in the correction of the metabolic syndrome, improvement the situation of autoimmune diseases, protects and prevents the advance of Alzheimer's among many other things.

This should be teached in schools. We should definitely consume more Omega 3.