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Hey there Gandolf! Been too long and I hate to come here with my own personal BS. It's good to see in this post you are still ontop of your game. Unfortunately I am not.

I'm looking for some help to save my blog. Yesterday Hivewatchers blacklisted me! Then they gave me a said criteria for why.....and I do not fit the criteria and they blacklisted me anyway! In the discord appeals they implied I was making too much money with my photo posts. But never addressed the fact that I do not fit their own criteria for blacklisting me. My photo posts are always a set of 9 quality photos from places I've been and I use one article for the series of new photos just to go along with them in-case people want to learn more. They said I'm not adding new content to my posts.....they are saying my 9 new photos are not new content. That's the whole reason people like the posts, up-vote, and comment. Some posts and photos are better than others like all content here. The better the photos the better the posts do. With the price up 5x in a month I guess it didn't look good all of a sudden. I realized that beforehand and I personally was going to make major changes to my blog.

I was planning on touring Thailand on Motorbike next year with some HIVE t-shirts to wear and give away as we travel, while making super good blog posts. But at the moment my blog is destroyed.

Maybe you can help save my blog by commenting on this post. Would really mean a lot to me. Thank you so much and hope you are well.


Hello there :-)
Please don't exaggerate, it's not that your blog is destroyed, those are just some downvotes because people - most likely - disagree on the rewards. It it's hivewatchers, talk to hivewatchers, there's no central authority on Hive.
As you can see on my post, I also got $95 downvote, and that's fine, people have their right to vote however they wish. With popular authors it's really tricky, because it might be tempting to just write more frequent with less effort if upvotes are coming regardless (which is not true, it's usually because you've earned reputation among voters).
That's one of the reasons I don't post more frequently, because I know that will likely get votes, as people are expecting that it's high quality content, and I'm not able to meet those standards every day. Or week. Or sometimes a month ;-)

Thanks Gandolf. I know I can always count on you for sound advice. However at the time of writing my blog was basically wiped out to zero, and my discord conversation with them was brief, hivewatchers telling me I'm blacklisted and done here, there was no appeal. After making the post I linked here they decided to remove the blacklist across the board downvotes. So by the time you saw my blog the downvotes were removed. I didn't mean for it to look like I was exaggerating. It seems like the problem is resolved and I have already switched to an already planned new and improved blogging style to meet expectations and rewards like you mention.

Thanks for taking the time, it's much appreciated.

Sounds good, good luck! :-)