Lysine - Functions, Benefits, and Side Effects

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Back again with me @workaholic666 at StemSocial which discusses science and other knowledge related to Stem. In this post, I still discuss essential amino acids, their uses, benefits, and side effects for the human body. All of you can read my posts related to the types of essential amino acids below:

About Lysine

Lysine is one of the essential amino acids needed by the human body. This type of amino acid cannot be produced by the human body, so it must be obtained from food or supplements. Lysine is important in many body functions, including protein synthesis, calcium absorption, and energy production, Protein synthesis is an important process in the human body.


Protein is a building material for the body, including muscles, skin, hair and other vital organs.

Lysine helps in the process of protein synthesis by providing the basic material for the formation of proteins. Without lysine, the human body cannot make enough protein to maintain health and normal function. Lysine also aids in the absorption of calcium, an essential mineral needed by the body to build and maintain strong, healthy bones. Lysine contributes to absorbing calcium from food and transporting it to the bones. Without these amino acid, calcium cannot be absorbed as effectively, and the risk of developing osteoporosis and brittle bones can increase.

Lysine is significant in energy production, this amino acid helps in the production of carnitine, a substance that helps the body burn fat for energy. Without lysine, carnitine production can be impaired, and the body may experience a lack of energy. Lysine can be found in foods like meat, fish and dairy products, some people may need a lysine supplement to meet their daily needs. Some health conditions, like herpes simplex virus (HSV) and lysine deficiency, can require higher consumption of lysine than is obtained from food.

Taking too high a dose of lysine can trigger stomach discomfort and cause diarrhea. This happens because lysine affects the absorption of other amino acids in the small intestine and can disrupt the balance of nutrients in the body.

Other side effects of consuming too much lysine are nausea and vomiting, some people may experience these symptoms after taking high doses of lysine supplements. Although serious lysine side effects are rare, it is important to consult a doctor or nutritionist before taking lysine supplements, especially if you have certain medical conditions or are taking certain medications. Consuming lysine in safe doses and under the body's needs can provide health benefits.



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