Understanding ChatGPT and Its Progression

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About three months ago, everywhere I turned, I saw chatGPT and I could only wonder. The few posts I saw on Hive about chatGPT were all testifying to the goodness of the AI and so far, none of these testimonies are fake but there has been an upgrade.

It's not news that a lot of people are making a fuss about how AI is gradually replacing humans in the work industry but I saw this very interesting saying somewhere:

"AI won't replace you but a person using AI can"

One would admit that the quote above is a rather interesting one. From the inception of chatGPT, tasks have been made easier. Tasks that would have been achieved in days are finished within hours, leading to increased productivity .

Table Of Content

  • What is a chatbot
  • What is chatGPT
  • Models of chatGPT
  • Uses of chatGPT

What is a Chatbot

A Chatbot alias chatterbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence ( AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand customers questions and automate responses to them;simulating human conversation


A Chatbot doesn't just give answers from the books, it goes further to establish conversations with the users; this makes it feel like the user is having a conversation with a fellow human.

A Chatbot understand more than ones and zeros

Many of us use chatbots without knowing. A very common example is the Whatsapp business Chatbot. If you've ever entered into the dm of a Whatsapp business owner, the first message you'd receive is from a chat bot:


A screenshot from whatsapp

What is chatGPT

ChatGPT on the flip side is an AI Chatbot developed by an AI research company–Open AI. ChatGPT was released in November 2022.

The good thing about the chatGPT is that it gives more personalised responses in comparison to the chatbot.


A screenshot

Models of ChatGPT

There are currently there models of chatGPT:

  • Legacy 3.5
  • Default 3.5
  • Update 4.0


Source:Open AI

As one would guess, each proceeding model is an upgrade from the former. Legacy 3.5 can be freely accessed by the general public but only premium subscribers have access to all the three versions ; they get to choose which model works best for them.

Uses of ChatGPT



ChatGPT has numerous uses. People that use chatGPT have an advantage over others as they get easy access to materials and resources with just a few clicks. Some of these uses include:

  • Content creation and summary
  • Grammar checks
  • Title suggestions
  • Translation
  • Writing codes
  • Debugging
  • Filing lawsuits
  • Poetry
  • Language learning and lots more.


Source:Open AI

Some other companies like Google and Microsoft have brought out their own versions of AI chatbots but chatGPT still remains "king" because of its distinctive and outstanding features. The current version 4.0 has spectacular features with "improved speed and efficiency" on the top of the list.

In summary, chatGPT is an amazing addition to the universe but we have to remember that it is a machine and a machine can still give wrong answers.

Disclaimer: this article wasn't in anyway produced using chatGPT.

With love, wongi ✨


I'm more interested in the truly open source models like LLaMA, Alpaca, Vicuna, Koala and their successors.

These models are also impressive coupled with the fact that they are open source models. Take the Vicuna for example, it has outpaced it's competitors in various benchmark tests.

Funny facts, these models are named after animals.

I recently wrote a post about AI. It is good to see things like this here, on Stemsocial.

A post about AI in general? One could get to see more contents like this in this community.

Yes, exactly (a post about the origins and causes for creating a AI in first place). Go and read it, haha

Seems interesting. Let me check it out.

That last time we talked about this,,,,you were lost🤣

I guess I found myself 😂but I'm not still using sha😂

When you resumes school, its usefulness would call on you

Well well. Who knows

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