Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a genetic, hormonal, and metabolic disorder that affects women of reproductive age. There is no known cause for PCOS and it presents itself with several symptoms. It can lead to chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases and Type 2 Diabetes if not checked and managed, reason why you need to see a doctor if you notice its symptoms.

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My sister suffered from this and for three years it was so hard on her.

I practically became a specialist due to the research I had to do.

Yeah...some doctors don't even know much about it and you have to do your own research. Luckily, my doctor has been helpful.

How's your sis doing now?

She is great, after a while of trying diet changes and all, She is finally pregnant and her specialist can't find signs of PCOS anymore.

That's amazing. Happy for her.

Thank you

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Small cysts in the ovaries

Aren't a symptom or sign you can readily determine on physical examination.

That you can only know from a pelvic scan and cysts on the ovaries don't always mean it's PCOS.

Yes. I just found it odd you would list that there as a signs/symptom list which is something that requires diagnostic imaging to do and not at a primary prevention level.

It isn't a primary symptom but its still a symptom. I thought to add it too.

A symptom is a subjective claim. A sign is an objective phenomenon another person can validate through the 5 senses. I appreciate you making a post for awareness about the disease. I just found it odd you listed cysts on ovaries where the only way to find out is through the use of imaging studies (secondary level of prevention) vs your main content (first level of prevention). It stuck out like a sore thumb on the list. If you don't understand what I mean about the levels of health prevention, we can stop right here and I'll understand.

I totally understand you. It did look out of place to me. I thought it wouldn't hurt because in most awareness posters I came across, it was listed too.

Nice awareness post from you. Straight to the point, good lighting, nice sound. Everything is too notch and professional.

Anything related to health need to be taken seriously. Of course, some of the people facing health issues are taking it as a normal thing but getting used to something like this only leads to more problem.

Hmmm... Is that an iPhone?

Well Done.

Thank you!

No it's not an iPhone. It's OnePlus

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