Save a life, donate some blood: it's never too late to start

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No wiser words have ever been spoken and I'm so glad I always listen to the sage, that is Bill Murray..

I've been a long time blood donor, and I highly recommend that even though we're doing through some crazy times, now more than ever bloodbanks need to maintain their blood stocks.

I used to work for the Welsh Blood Service, its where I met Mrs W funny enough. I was a blood donor before I started working there, but after gaining knowledge of blood stocks and blood products, I make sure I donate as regularly as possible even more now.


As I tell Mrs W, one small prick never hurt anyone... And boom its in! The trick to a successful blood donta3is hydration, seriously, drink plenty of water before hand and before you know it, you've donated your pint of blood and you're all good to go.


I'm not squirmish around blood, so I have no problems with needles, but even if I did, the drive to help others would always top my individual need.

The amount of blood products that can be made from my one donation are too many to list here tonight, but if you are interested in blood works and how it all works let me know and I'll do a deeper dive in to it. But what is easy to tell you is that not a single but of it is wasted - from the red cells, to plasma and the white blood cells are all utilised and put to use.


So it's a big thumbs up from me, and a reminder that as hospital start to "open up" to non-covid patients and operations begin in earnest, the blood stocks will start to take a knock. Go now and keep the stock levels up and buffered against any sudden drop.


The biggest donation one can do is blood donation.
This saves life.
You are doing a very good job.
Keep up the good work.

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