Where does cyberpsychology act?

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Tools such as the Internet, social networks and of course, smart devices have given us wonderful benefits for the development of our daily lives. However, when the use of use is lost, the scenarios that open are not favorable since, the development of digital harassment, cover of the convenience and psychological disorders is given.

For the aforementioned reason, cyberpsychology has been responsible for explaining how psychology works through the virtual world and, according to this study, considers it as a phenomenon to which human beings cannot be indifferent because, it always offers us a More comfortable lifestyle if we use it correctly, however, if there is an lack of control, the experience is unpleasant. According to everything mentioned, I will detail where cyberpsychology acts:

Social networks
Our connection with the digital world is carried out through social networks, therefore, they are more than applications that allow us to connect with other people. Through 2.0, we experience a reality that is not very real, we inform ourselves regarding everything that happens in the world, we share aspects of our social life and constantly interact.

In view of the variety we can have on social networks, it is very important to know what the right behavior is like when using them. It is currently already public knowledge that, mental health is affected by misuse and of course, abuse that some people give it.

Virtual relationship
In websites and social networks, the human being cultivates a friendship with people who are in distant and different contexts. During this interaction, personal information is shared. It should be noted that, this practice in some cases is very nutritious, however, if the relationship is with an incorrect person, the outcome of the virtual relationship can end in victims of cybercrime.

Sociodigital manipulation
Through Spear Phishing, it is constant to see that some people undertake social manipulation attacks and, in turn, apply cyber attacks. These actions are carried out to steal all the necessary information that allows them to execute a digital robbery.

Use and abuse of cell phone
We are going to analyze and then reflect on the use we give to our cell phone because, elements such as Fomo can explain the degree of addiction that we can have to this device. It should be noted that cyberpsychology also studies this effect describing it as, a problem that must be solved by requesting help with a specialist in the psychological area.

The digital world has been a perfect scenario for some people since, they see cyberspace as an ideal place when carrying out their entertaining activities from the comfort of their homes. However, this action that began being harmless, ended up becoming an unpleasant addiction in view of the fact that, making online purchases, video game participation or betting, will end up becoming a vice that they can no longer control.

Digital lynching
At present, digital lynch is a very frequent aggression that some people practice every day. This bad action is carried out through memes, defamation, false information, identity theft, among other things. In this regard, cyberpsychology is expanding the study because, there are evidence that prove that the behavior of a digital stalker is developed for various reasons; Some have already been identified however, others are not yet.

Orientation of Cyberpsychology
Finally, I want us to be clear that, the purpose of cyberpsychology will always be destined to guide us through its psychological tools, where technology is directed, it is to use it correctly as, use it uncontrollably.

Now, although at the moment all people are responding to an interface manipulation, we are human beings who have reasoning qualities when we realize that something is getting out of control. I will always tell you that, using technology is not bad, however, you have to do it correctly.

Just as the digital world can leave us a bad experience in mental health, it can also be a tool that guides us to take care of it, all we must do is use it for our daily welfare and development.



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It's of huge relevance to world how much the internet manipulates and shapes us .. and we think we have free will!


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