Rebirth through an artificial uterus!

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A group of scientists belonging to the Suzhou Institute of Biomedical and Technological Engineering located in China, announced the creation of a new design with the artificial intelligence system.

This scientific advance is the purpose of helping, gestation is carried out successfully, regardless of whether the uterus is outside the woman's body. Similarly, this creation also allows embryos to be protected during their development.

It should be noted that, this artificial uterus is designed and, in turn, programmed to ensure that embryos and, later the fetus, grow 100% safe since, there is a robotic monitoring that is constantly monitoring the gestation process.

The researchers explained that, through this technological advance, it is possible to supervise gestation and although at this time they are only using it for the raising of animals, they are already working to use it in the human species.

The artificial uterus was designed so that it can instantly detect the production of embryos, in the same way, to make the necessary adjustments according to the state in which it is located and, if it is necessary to provide any nutrient or oxygen, this monitoring immediately notifies it .

As regards the process that is carried out during pregnancy we can highlight that, the technological system of this artificial uterus is designed to classify all embryos according to the development potential they have and the state of health. If the embryo dyes during the gestation process, the artificial uterus will proceed to perform technical maintenance and eliminate it.

According to the scientific community, this new technological advance represents the future of a woman who wants to live motherhood without having to go through the entire process that implies being pregnant.

It is important to note that, the woman who decides to take her pregnancy through this artificial uterus, does not need to gestate the baby in her belly because, he will grow in an external capsule and her growth is 100% safe since, there is no The possibility of enrolling with the umbilical cord.

Finally, one of the scientists explained that this development is in constant research because, the development of human embryos has several mysteries that science has not yet managed to explain, however, technology has advanced so much that they are sure that during the Next months, they will have all the necessary answers.



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