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RE: Epidemics Past and Present: Polio and COVID-19

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Dear AG,
I would like to thank you for the article on this current topic. The research effort must have been immense, as one can see from the sources. I'am looking forward to take a closer look at your post in a quiet hour tomorrow.

Let me just say for now, that I'm touched by the reverence you give to the people who died of COVID- 19.

Stay well and confident. 🌷
Your friend,


Dear Anna🌿🌾,
Thank you so much for that supportive comment. I hesitated to include those obituaries, because I didn't want to "use" tragedy in any way that was self-serving. But every time I read a statement by someone who denies the pandemic is real, I feel it is an affront to those who have suffered. And so I wrote this blog, for them, and for all of us who have to fight this disease.

Now you can see why I'm ready for ice cream cake :)) Already I'm playing with fantastical creatures for my collage.

It is a beautiful, sunny day🌞 here. A gift. I hope you are enjoying wonderful spring weather there.

Good health, happiness and peace,

Already I'm playing with fantastical creatures for my collage.

I'm quite curious what sea monsters and other fantastical creatures will await us. 🐙

I don't know if you celebrate Pentecost. Here in Austria tomorrow is still a holiday. Unfortunately with us this weekend is literally "falling into water". It's raining and the temperatures are unusually chilly for this time of year.

How nice that the weather is better at your place. Enjoy sunshine and life! 🌞

Keep well and fit.
With great affection,

Dear Anna,
I love your sea monster :))

"falling into water"

This must be a colloquial expression, because it is not familiar to me. I like it very much.

Pentecost is only observed here by the truly observant (that is my experience anyway). In my family, this was not ever noted, and my mother was quite devout.

I hope the rain abates and you enjoy the flowers that will surely blossom because of the downpour.

Your friend, who is cheerful but perhaps not fit 😅
With affection and regard,🌷🌷