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Hello beautiful hive community. Today I will be posting about facts you probably didn't know about octopus. Now before we get into these interesting facts, let me say a little on what an octopis is; it is a sea animal that consist of a rounded body,eight tentacles and a pair of protruding eyes. Its scientific name is octopoda and there are over 250 species of them. With that said let get into the facts.

  1. Female octopus die after the egg have been hatched:
    Before you go thinking that the hatched egg eat their mother, no that's not the cause. The reason is that during the egg incubation which takes up to 2 to 10 months, the mother octopus stops her feeding and focuses on that of the egg and also protects them from danger which makes her very weak and vunurable which then most a times leads to her death.
  2. All octopuses have venom:

initially I thought just a few do have venom but actually all octopus contain venom in their saliva in which they inject into the prey in order to paralyze or kill it, just that not all venom are dangerous to human. Only that of a blue-ringed octupus, which leads me to the next part.

  1. The blue-ringed octopus' venom is fatal:
    they are known to be the most venomous sea creatures, with just one bite which is suprisingly painless, can paralyze and kill an adult human and the worst part of it all is that it is one of the smallest octopus among their species. Well am not suprised because if there is anything I've observed about animals with vemon, is that the smaller ones are usually more venomous. Also, they habitate in the Pacific and Indian ocean usually found in coral reef and tide pools.
  2. Octopus has decentralized brains:
    octopus brain is decentralized and majority of the neurons are in their tentacles which gives them the ability to independently taste, touch and have their own motion and this is what causes the impression that octopus have nine brains.
  3. The most common species of octopus is the vulgaris:
    the vulgaris is also known as the common octopus belonging to the mollusks class caphalopoda. They live across the globe and are commonly found in the Japanese waters as well as the Eastern atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea.
  4. Octopus can change colour just like the chameleon but even better:
    download (3).jpeg
    this is because they can change their skin color within the blink of an eye! These awsome transformation is caused by a cell called chromatophores which contain thousands of colors and it is beneath the skin.
  5. Octopus arms stay alive an hour after their death:
    Yep! just like lizard tails when cut off, still moves, the tentacles of an octopus have the ability to move after its death.
  6. Live octopus is a delicacy in South Korea:
    source LOL!!
    Well this isn't suprising because one thing I know about some part of asia is that they eat some of their sea creatures alive or half dead. The live octopus( also called san-nak-ji ) is a delicacy in South Korea believed to be a stamina booster.
    Well that it for some facts about octopus which you probably know or did not know, but I hope you liked it!

Those are some fun facts about octopi.

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