There is NO Graphene Oxide in the COVID vaccines. Period.

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I've seen a lot of posts around that are trying to push the narrative that there is Graphene Oxide (GO) in the COVID vaccines. Let me help you out. There is absolutely no Graphene Oxide in the COVID vaccines.

Why are people saying so, if it is not.

It's all coming from one unfortunate and wrongly published paper and propagated by unscrupulous people and organizations looking to capture eyeballs, clicks and views. Follow the money.

The errant report was filed by Pablo Campra Madrid, on June 28th, 2021. He's a professor at the University of Almeria. It is published here. It is being taken as fact even though his own University denounced it as an "unofficial report by a university professor about an analysis of a sample of unknown origin with a total lack of traceability"

Faced with the false information disseminated on some social networks and blogs about a report provisional from a professor at the University of Almeria, who seems to question vaccines faced with Covid-19, the University of Almeria communicates that:

It is flatly false the the University of Almeria has carried out a scientific study with the results that are being published by those media that, on the other hand, are misrepresenting the content of an unofficial report by a University professor about a[sic] analysis of a sample of unknown origin with total lack of traceability. Report that this University neither subscribes nor shares, as the report itself warns.

The University of Almeria, as an academic institution, seamlessly supports vaccines as scientifically unquestionable instrument to fight disease.

The University of Almeria studies and reserves the possibility of directing civil and criminal actions against those who continue to disclose the falsehoods that this communication denies.

The vaccine vials were sent to the author by a "messenger service" and does not disclose the source. He then compared images of the liquid with those of graphene oxide and concluded that they looked similar. This study, if it can be called such is a slap in the face of science. There's so much wrong with it starting with perhaps traceable lots from the manufacturer; a reproducible methodology, validation from multiple samples... ah, never mind smells like poop, feels like poop, must be poop.

So take a look at the narrative of the post that you are reading that spouts the claim that Graphene Oxide is in the vaccine. If they talk about a Spanish study that discovered GO in the Pfizer vaccine you now know where the source came from.

Oh, But Wait. What about that video!

Right, ok. You mean the one that shows that people are magnetic after the vaccine because there is Graphene Oxide in the vaccines? Gotcha. Or was that the one where the microchips were in the vaccines there's a few, doesn't matter both follow the same bull.

While it's true graphene oxide nanoparticles are an amazing discovery they have not made it into the COVID vaccine. There are a lot of posts that will try to tell you otherwise but ask yourself why? What's the motivation behind their posts. Check out their other posts and the themes of their posts are they leaning towards conspiracies? Look for perpendicular sources of information and see if the consensus holds. Does what you are being told actually make sense?

Just think about it

For instance. Graphene Oxide is dark brown to black. Even in a reduced graphene oxide powder, it is still light brown. Claims state that the vaccines are 99% graphene oxide. If you look at the vaccines they are all clear and transparent or clear and slightly yellow. If Graphene Oxide is in the vaccines they would look like this image of graphene oxide in a solution below - not so clear.


image source -

SO, there's no graphene oxide in the vaccines

Right, there is not. What you are being told has been thoroughly debunked. The paper that says it's so is not supportable, the common sense says it's not in there and all you have to fall back on is people trying to convince you that there is a conspiracy to hide the graphene oxide content in the vaccines. Again, commons sense would ask you to ask why? What purpose does it serve to put Graphene Oxide in the vaccines? There is none other than some conspiracy.

Why do so many fall for conspiracies

Watch this rationale to conspiracy theories - defend yourself against being susceptible to these conspiracies and educate yourself. Does what people are telling you make sense and why?

Start asking questions and ask for proof of these claims and not supported by a Youtube video, meme or someone that just says so(regardless of their professional status.) Check the sources and be prepared to read through a lot of nonsense.

What do you think of all the misinformation out there?

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What do you think of all the misinformation out there?


like misinformation from the #1 killers on earth, the US government and their Big Phgarma lobbyist backers who have the whole world addicted to pills and cancer drugs and HIV drugs?

Big pharma wants to fuck you up with a shot that cripples you so you have to keep taking their shots to stay alive and pay for them as the prices go up

fuck you if you deny this, youre a retard if you think big pharma doesnt profit off our medical pain and suffering

You think someone out there with access to these vaccines would have already replicated the experiment to see for themselves. Stuff like these immediately get some available samples for testing to see if they're real. Still appreciate the fact that the professor made the conclusion claim of the results being inconclusive.

It's just dumb to think he would stick his neck out for one sample with a questionable source when he can just have more samples by official channels like a real researcher would do.

Exactly. I just don't understand how you get to that level in an educational setting and do something as novice as what he did. I hope that the University further distances itself from him. It was reckless to publish before confirming other samples. He even states that they should get others to test - If you have to state that you shouldn't publish. Irresponsible and reckless. Seems to be an edge scientist from the looks of his other pubs.

flagging all your posts untill you apologize for spreading dangerous conspiracies promtoing dangerous big pharma injections

also the graphene oxide isnt in the injections, its just another pollutant like plastics or oil or everything our industrial society manufactures

scram apologist, you wont find any friends here

flagging all your comments

Oh, OK. So, no graphene oxide in the vaccines, which you say there is none is spreading dangerous conspiratorial blah, blah, blah? Damn, so confused. Is it or isn't it dangerous conspiracies promoting information?

No friends in the science community... oh, ok. Let me know if you want me to write a personal post for you on what Graphene Oxide is... it's definitely not another pollutant like plastics or oil. It's way cooler.

You should take your cafeteria bully routine somewhere else. Maybe Twitter or Facebook - I hear vitriol does well there.


Unfortunately, I also think all that misinformation out there is dangerous because so many people fall for it. They keep saying 'Do your own research' but every time you check their research, it's just a rehash of some debunked ridiculous ideas. Many times, a kid with an ounce of common sense could debunk them! Some are too ignorant to know better, but the worst part is that some spread this misinformation knowingly, just to get their minute of fame.

Bingo! I bet you half the big guys pushing the BS don't give a rats ass about the content or the people... the more conspiratorial and the more provocative the better and the more clicks and eye-balls it will get. They are playing into and dialling in the psychology and drive of the conspiracy programming.

Absolutely. Just look at this "Disinformation Dozen" and all their lies about the vaccines. Most of them were just some unknown fake doctors. And now, after more than a year spreading all this non-sense, they have big social media followings, they made big profits selling BS books and videos, etc... I struggle to understand how so many people can fall for this though.

disinformation dozen? So you point to some random crap you saw on MSNBC instead of arguing the facts that medicine is corrupt, we have no national healthcare system and yet they act like we do trying to inject us all with some MYSTERY injection with ingrediants and a MRNA gene therapy recipe we arent even allowed to see or know about because its private?

You are now property of big pharma LEGALLY speaking because you have their injection in YOUR body and its now re writing YOUR dna and now YOUR DNA BELONGS TO BIG PHARMA ... just like the corn farmer who fucking got his farm taken away for growing corn that was cross pollenated in from some OTHER farm

yeah thats you now buddy

enjoy the side effects of some mystery injection, because when you all start dying from the shot theyll blame everyone who didnt get the shot who are all still healthy , but it will be from the side effects

Ah ah, that's just great, and illustrating my point so perfectly. Being accused of getting my information from a TV channel by somebody who's clearly only parroting right wing propaganda debunked lies is just priceless. mRNA vaccine technology has been studied and worked on for about twenty years, and we know it cannot alter DNA. It would need to enter the cell nucleus, which it can't. But I know I would probably waste my time trying to have a serious discussion with somebody who apparently learned what mRNA was by seeing a meme on Facebook or Twitter.

Ok so no abortion rights for you and your leftist insane people who follow orders like nazi concentration camps

no personal freedom to not take some fucking big pharma injection with 0 consensus?

You get all your rights taken away then

You want to force us to take a death injection? Ok so its war then. We will start forcing you to get sterilized next and make it THE LAW

If you got "consensus" from everyone to commit suicide, you think thats rational self interest?

When Nazi germany had "consensus " to kill all the jews, was that ok because it was "consensus"?

Mmm... so, Texas...

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