Next Decade Inventions: 7 Intriguing Technology to Anticipate

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The world is yet to see the most intriguing, fascinating, and mind-boggling technology inventions. Over the last decade, amazing technologies have placed a stamp of relevance in diverse sectors of the globe. From health and education to agriculture and manufacturing, the advancement of technology has proven it is worth its weight in gold.

Technology advancement and development are moving with so much vim at an interestingly exponential rate and over the next ten years, more life-changing innovations will spring up and bring a new normal to existence.

In this article, we will take a sneak peek into the future and look at 7 jaw-dropping innovations and disruptions that would become a part of our lives over the next ten years. It might also interest you to know that there are tons of inventions underway. But for the now, below are 7 of some major forces we should anticipate in a few decades.


I know we are all accustomed to interstate and intercountry travels. But have you thought of what it would be like when we start traveling to other planets? Don't be taken aback. I know it doesn't sound all appealing and amazing. But the interplanetary internet is a possibility that would become a reality in a few decades. So bear in mind that we are bound to be on Mars at some point in the near future and the interplanetary internet would become the only means of communication for explorers to share information across various planets. So, at some point in our lives, the Interplanetary Internet (IPN) will bridge the gap between planets and aid easy communication across space.


By Science Centre Delft on flickr


Imagine a personal fabricator that could print out anything you want? Now, I know we know of the regular poster printers. That's not what we are talking about here. 3D printers have drastically changed our lives since their invention. A wide range of professional fields has seen the impact of cutting-edge 3D printers. Currently, 3D printers have evolved into amazing technologies that can print parts. A glimpse into the near future shows that 3D printers could become household factories that will produce practically any item we need. From Androids and robots to vaccines and handguns, the future 3D printer will have endless possibilities of items that could be produced.


Very soon, technology will change more things than it already has. Years ago, before laptops became a common thing, computers were not easily movable. The growth cannot be ignored. Our gadgets are getting smaller as technology advances. In a few years, our computers will be unseen. I mean, they would be invisible. How fascinating! They would be embedded in our fashion accessories, clothes, and even contact lenses. These innovative gadgets could use tactile feedback or possess a specific level of intelligence that will enable them to perform actions according to certain external conditions. The future holds for us, unseen computers.


While this particular technology could take decades to become a reality, it is feasible. The future of technology could open us to the possibility of creating and emulating the minds and makeup of simple organisms. In other words, we will be able to create animals such as mice, bees, and ants that will live inside our computers. We could even upload the digital avatars to mechanical bodies and design intriguing robots.


In the last few years, we have seen different examples of artificially intelligent personal assistants. The likes of Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cappy are early examples of this helpful technology. However, the future is poised to redefine the concept of personal assistants. Further development of the concept of artificial intelligence could birth a whole new design where we get to have personal assistants that will be worked to understand and imitate our behavioral patterns. They could have an impressive level of general human intelligence that could allow us to converse with them like normal humans.


The future of technology is packed with the most interesting and mind-blowing inventions. Military autonomous robots are virtually going to be generally accepted weapons that will be used to take down targets. This should probably give you chills but it's quite an intriguing one. There are already a good number of weapons systems that have certain levels of autonomy such as patriot missiles and cruise. Most naval ships are fully equipped with the Aegis Combat System before embarking on any trip. The system uses powerfully designed autonomous computers and gadgets to go against targets. Although the idea of killer robots that would function independently without human intervention has triggered protests from skeptics, military leaders believe these killer robots are the best replacements for humans at war and this is to spare the loss of human life. This technology could usher us into an era where the majority of machines will go to war.

Cotton harvester By Kimberly Vardeman - Flickr: Cotton Harvest, CC BY 2.0,


Technological innovation is positively going to impact several industries and the agricultural sector is no exception. We might have seen various applications of technology in agriculture recently but there is more to come in the future. In a few years, the innovation of technology will herald the beginning of a whole new phase of agriculture where computer visions will be more common in farms to monitor the growth of crops and the complete farming process. Various robots will also be used to harvest plants in the future. It'll become a common thing and agriculture will take up a new approach. Indoor farmers will also adopt technology to improve the efficiency of crop growth and easier farming in the coming years.


The aforementioned technologies are undoubtedly fascinating and in a few years, they would be here to stay and drastically change our lives and how we live them. Many individuals still have their doubts about the possibilities of co-existing with certain technologies but in the real sense, they are almost here. One thing is certain, the next decade will experience the most beautiful technology inventions and major advancements to aid easier living, convenience, and augmentation.

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