Going Nano: The Revolution

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Nanotechnology is a revolution that is set to instill a long-lasting impact on the world. It is an ultra-modern branch of science and technology application that is here to modify our lives and drastically change various sectors and their operations.

Nanotechnology is growing at an interestingly fast pace. As the name suggests, it refers to a field of technology that involves studying and understanding the concept of matter at the nanometer scale. In comprehensive terms, nanotechnology talks about the design, production, and characterization of nanoscale structures, devices, systems, and gadgets with unique and modern features.

Nanotechnology entails imaging, measuring, modeling, and manipulating matter at the nanoscale. We can simply say nanotechnology is controlling matter on a tiny scale. Just so you get a clear picture of what nano means here, I will explain further. Nano literally means one-billionth. For example, if you took a piece of wood, it would measure nearly 100,000 nanometers in width. It is a thousand times smaller than the microscopic level and a billion times smaller than what we are used to seeing or measuring with the typical measuring scales.

By jurvetson - https://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/6791082/, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6212100

Areas in which nanotechnology has been applied

Applications of nanotechnology are steadily providing innovative solutions within and beyond expectations. Nanotechnology is being applied in diverse industry sectors to improve and augment human intelligence, as well as revolutionize several existing technologies. Industry sectors such as electronics, biomedicine, clothing, and textile, energy, food, environment, information technology IT, amongst a slew of others that could benefit a whole lot from the cutting-edge technology.

Nanotechnology holds some answers for how we might transform the capabilities of various industries to attain a certain degree of effectiveness and functionality. Over the years, we have seen a dramatic shift in how some items are manufactured using nanotechnology in all kinds of industrial sectors. The fast-rising technology is aimed at becoming a driver of economic growth and development.

There is a rapidly growing number of benefits that nanotechnology is poised to offer industries to increase efficiency and facilitate productivity with an ultra-modern concept that will help to considerably improve these sectors in various ways.

Benefits of nanotechnology in the industries

The world of technology has gone beyond studying and understanding the concept of microscopic matter. Scientists and engineers are discovering how different atoms and molecules behave and how to manipulate them into novel technologies. We could consider nanotechnology as construction with so many benefits to offer different industries and society.

When compared to their large-scale equivalents, nanoparticles lead in enhanced properties including durability and strength, lighter weight, higher electrical conductivity, and chemical reactivity, all from which scientists and engineers stand to benefit a great deal. Below are ways nanotechnology will benefit industries.

Power-Saving Gadgets

Nanotechnology makes it possible to design smaller and more powerful gadgets like computers that are way faster than the regular larger computers, and consume far less power with long-lasting batteries. Circuits created from carbon nanotubes could be crucial in sustaining the growth of computer power.

Prompt And Accurate Medical Diagnosis And Healthcare

Nanotechnology will aid faster, more accurate, and more functional medical diagnosis with ultra-modern medical diagnostic equipment. Lab-on-a-chip technology enables point-of-care testing in real-time, which quickens the delivery of medical care. Nanomaterial surfaces on implants help enhance wear and withstand possible infection. The concept of nanotechnology also improves the absorption of pharmaceutical products within the body using nanoparticles. This also makes the products easier to deliver through combination medical equipment. Nanoparticles can be used to transport chemotherapy drugs to target cells such as cancer cells and growths.

Improved Vehicle Fuel Efficiency And Corrosion Resistance

Vehicles built for nanocomposite materials are usually lighter, durable, and more chemically resistant than vehicles built from heavy metals. Nanotechnology will improve vehicle fuel efficiency and corrosion resistance through these materials. Improved vehicle fuel efficiency and corrosion resistance by building vehicle parts from nanocomposite materials that are lighter, stronger, and more chemically resistant than metal. Nano filters will eradicate practically every airborne particle present in the air before it gets to the combustion chamber, which will also further improve gas mileage.

The aforementioned are some of the most common ways nanotechnology benefits different industrial sectors. Some others include nanofibers in fabrics to improve water and stain resistance, and also make the fabric highly resistant to flames without any significant thickness or stiffness of the fabric. The amazing technology also serves as a portable water treatment to improve the quality of water in developing countries. Sunscreen in creams and beauty products are also made from nanoparticles. Unlike eons-old sunscreen that was floppy and heavy, the present sunscreen infused with the most common nanoparticles (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) is highly effective in blocking ultraviolet radiation.

There are countless ways in which novel technology can impact and benefit our lives. From making industry material lightweight and easy to handle to designing low-cost and energy-conserving devices, nanotechnology is poised to be a revolutionary tech that can not go unnoticed.

What does the future holds for nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is an emerging technology. Over the next few years, the future of nanotechnology could unravel fascinating concepts that will boggle the mind of scientists and engineers alike. Various approaches and applications are currently being developed. New nano-materials will be applied to devices for the most advanced inventions yet. The possibilities are far from being limited.


In 20 years or less, the world would experience several brain enhancing and intelligence augmenting nano-inspired technologies that will affect and impact the lives of virtually everyone on earth. However, just like every other great innovation that has gone down in earth's history, nanotechnology is not devoid of risks. So here it comes. Some potential risks associated with nanotechnology include nano pollutants that could cause severe harm to the lungs, skin, and other body parts capable of absorbing tiny particles. In the next few years, the technology could invade privacy with unnoticeable chips and possibly affect the global economy.

It is however noteworthy that the risks associated with nanotechnology can be curbed with safety precautions. That aside, nanotechnology is promising great things and unprecedented technological advancements.

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Good write up, @ummar. There are a lot of applications for nanotechnology, especially on medicine and healtcare. We can envision nanorobots unclogging arteries or blood streams. We can also think of nanorobots for surveillance. !discovery 20

Thanks for the audience and the support. I agree that the potential of nanotechnological application is limitless and many inventions will unfold through it.

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