Fascinating Facts about World Oceans that you might not yet know

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The ocean is one of nature's scientific gifts to the human race. The study of oceans – Oceanology reveals the most fascinating facts about oceans that you never would have thought of. We might think we know a few things about oceans and what life there is like but in the real sense, we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to exploring the intriguing facts about oceans.

In today's post, I come bearing some of the most mind-blowing facts about the ocean to my readers. Below are 10 insanely interesting facts about these large bodies of liquid you might just be discovering in this article.

The Ocean Is Home To The Most Gold

Perhaps you know the ocean is home to several mysterious and very fascinating sea creatures but did you know that the ocean houses the most amount of gold? And if we were to share it equally amongst ourselves, each of us will have nothing less than 9 pounds! The floor of the ocean has more gold than sand embedded in it. According to Forbes, the ocean has a gold deposit worth about $771 Trillion. If you have been wondering why divers are always rich, perhaps this discovery answers your concern.


Icebergs With Endless Supply Of Water

A single iceberg submerged in the ocean can supply an estimated 20 billion gallons of water which is nothing short of an endless supply of water suffice to say. While we can not go wrong by emphasizing how enormous one iceberg is, it is noteworthy that this is just another wonder the ocean has beneath its calm tensioned surface.

An Incredibly Hot Bottom

Sea creatures bask in the warmth and comfort of the ocean but they dread the bottom of the ocean. The water in that part of the ocean is incredibly hot and will do no good to any creature that moves meters towards it. It's fascinating how it does not find its mid or anywhere close to the top of the ocean. The source of the water is known as ocean vents or hydrothermal vents and these are found close to areas of the ocean's floor with volcanic activities.

Internet Connection

Should you somehow find yourself in the ocean with your cell phone, you can be sure of staying connected. The ocean has an internet connection. Submarine cables planted in the deepest part of the ocean transmit almost 99 percent of intercontinental data traffic. Hence, it is safe to say that ocean-based cables are responsible for communications overseas.

The Ocean Is The Largest Museum On Earth

The deepest part of the ocean holds the most beautiful, odd, and interesting artifacts more than all museums in the world's history put together. From fine pearls to ancient artworks and the finest crafts the world has ever seen, there is nowhere you would rather search for antiques than the ocean.

Immense Pressure

Imagine a part of the ocean with so much pressure that could crush a big ship like a hydraulic press would anything? Quite terrific! The pressure of the deep part of the ocean is jaw-dropping. I will explain why. The pressure of the ocean water increases by 1 atmosphere for every 10 m depth traveled. Now imagine what the pressure would be at a great depth.

While a diver risks being crushed like an insect just by moving too deep into the ocean, sea creatures including crabs, sea horses, octopuses, and the rest of the clan, go about their activities like there's absolutely nothing to worry about. The explanation is that these creatures have no air in their body, unlike the divers, hence, the pressure problem s solved for them.

The Ocean Covers Over 70 Percent Of The Earth's Surface And Is Home To 95 Percent Of Life

Even kids in elementary school might have been taught this in their basic science subjects but it remains an interesting fact about the ocean. It turns out the earth is largely dominated by water and those of us living on this part of the earth occupy a quite infinitesimal portion when compared to aquatic life. It suggests how much significance the marine environment has on the earth. That explains why the ocean accommodates 95 percent of life. The ocean sure needs a lot of space to teem with the majority of life – which is aquatic.

Rich Source Of Oxygen

We are often blinded by the plants around us that we forget that underwater is a breeding ground for the most beautiful plants that contribute immensely to the oxygen we breathe. Yes, we must not fail to acknowledge the impact of trees in our environment but did you know that plants underwater provide us with about 70% of the oxygen we breathe? Well, now you know!

Underwater Volcanoes

We did not go wrong when we mentioned that the ocean has the most life in it. According to oceanographers, over 80% of volcanic eruptions happen underwater. So, Mount Stromboli located in Italy or even Mass Kilauea in Hawaii that is dubbed the "most active volcano" has counterparts under the waters.

Hydrothermal vent. By MARUM − Zentrum für Marine Umweltwissenschaften, Universität Bremen - Marum, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=77113275

The Ocean Gets Its Blue Color From The Sun

This is one interesting fact about the ocean that can stir doubts. The turquoise blue tint of the ocean is gotten from the sun. So, why then isn't the water in my glass cup blue? I saw your question coming and I will gladly explain. The color comes from the sun's bright red and orange wavelengths that the surface of the ocean absorbs with its blue wavelength penetrating deeper. Hence, the blue tint. The color seems bluer the deeper you go. And the reason the water in your glass cup is not blue is that there are far fewer molecules than that of the ocean to absorb the sunlight.

In conclusion

There are several fascinating features of the ocean. The ones I wrote about above are just a few of them. Without the ocean, humanity will likely not exist. In actual fact, scientists believe that man comes from water - a kind of chemical containing water. Those exploring other planets for life consider water as a major sign of life and, hence, prospects for water or its signs before anything else.

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