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RE: I am a Doctor of Natural Sciences now ! - This is my PhD Thesis

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Wow! This is definitely one of the posts that taught me so much. Congratulations for earning your PhD degree, the world has gained another curious and passionate scientist to learn about how nature works, that 5-year journey was totally worth it. 🙏🏻

I'd probably re-read this post with the chemistry stuff I'm not familiar with. I enjoyed reading this one, noting the fact that it tells a simple but great story (the one that summarizes your work at the end). I remembered my research adviser that time I was struggling with how I'll communicate my research. He keeps telling me that my work should have a story that people could easily relate to.

Again, congratulations on your hard work! 🤓✨


Its so nice to read that you could get some knowledge from this posts ^^ .. I actually figured out that writing about science is something I really enjoy .. And great story telling is fitting to Hive too, as it is not compulsory to write it up in a rather "dry" fashion here 😁 .. Thank you for your nice comment 🙏