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RE: Bozzlife: Living the Dream (Machine)

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If you post via you will receive 100% of your share of STEM tokens, otherwise you only receive 50%. You will also auto post to the STEMGeeks community when doing this and won't have to worry about the STEMSocial guidelines as they are a lot more strict than ours.


Okay, I will remember that for the future. It is probably too late for me now right?

Yes, you cannot move a post from one community to another, but you can cross post it. As for the STEM token penalty, nothing can be done after a post has been broadcasted.

You can see if your post has been done on STEMGeeks by looking for the icon on

Okay, cool. The tokens are nice of course, but that isn't my main motivation. Thank you for all the info!

I want to reward users with STEM tokens that are using STEMGeeks and not just posting about Bitcoin price and using #technology tag because well Bitcoin is a technology yet their post has nothing to do with technology or STEM.

The change seems to be working really well.

Okay cool. I totally hear you about that. I will definitely keep that in mind for some of my future stuff. Tech is what I do every day, so it shouldn't be too hard! :)