Building fractals on PC

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Many probably know that fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are found throughout the natural world. They can be anything that is created by repeating a simple process over and over again. They exhibit an interesting property called self-similarity, meaning that they look similar at different scales. That is, when you zoom in enough, you start seeing the same pattern as before zooming in. It is like an infinity pattern. Interestingly, they are generated via complicated mathematical equations. Thankfully, though, computers and phones are getting ever more powerful and it is easy to generate new images reasonably quickly.

I created these several pictures using software that I had seen some 10 years ago with a program called Apophysis. Back then, my computer was not powerful enough and any manipulation in the model was happening way too slowly to the point of being annoying. A decade later, things are much different. It still takes some time but it is not really a nuisance anymore.

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It is just a loop ! interesting


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In our everyday life, things keep changing especially with the help of computers imagine you recreating an image that has been in existence for the past 10yrs. Well AI is becoming active through the help of software.

At first I thought this was amoeba