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The articulated bones of the hands are made of a carpus which is eight in number, five metacarpal bones and the phalanges of the five digits.
The eight carpal bones articulated together to form a semicircle, the convexity of which is proximal and articulates with the forearm.

The eight carpal bones namely:the scaphoid, lunate, triquetral, pisiform, trapezoid, trapezium, capitate and the hamate lie in two rows.

The scaphoid bone has a convex articular proximal surface for the articulation of the radius and is the most commonly fractured bone of the hand.

The lunate bone has a convex proximal facet for the radius and the articular disc of the wrist joint.The lunate is the carpal bone most commonly dislocated and is displaced anteriorly.

The triquetral bone has an oval facet on the distal palmer surface for the articulation of the pisiform.

The pisiform has a flat surface for articulation with the triquetral.

The trapezium articulates with the adjacent trapezoid and these together by the concave facets fit the distal convexity of the scaphoid bone.

The trapezoid is a small bone that lies wedged between trapezium and the capitate, articulating proximally with the scaphoid bone.

The capitate bone is the largest of the carpal bones. It lies between the hamate medially and the trapezoid and scaphoid laterally.

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The hamate bone is wedged-shaped. Proximally the thing edge of the wedge articulates with the lunate, while distally the base articulates with the fourth and fifth of metacarpals.
Last's Anatomy by Chummy S. Sinnatamy-ISBB 9780702033940


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