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RE: Novelty Seeking - A Personality Trait to Study // Novelty Seeking - Um traço de personalidade a se estudar

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I heard from different brain hormones. Dopamine is the junky hormon making you easily addicted and non happy. Better to avoid making things releasing dompamine (facebooklikes, internet in general) and instead just being happy in a naive way which is realasing serotonin. Serotonin makes you happy in a deep way but it's harder to get. Meditation, yoga, positive thinking. That's I know.


I don't think it's right to idealize Dopamine as bad and serotonin as good, both have their value in balance within our mind, (too much serotonin, for example, completely destroys a person's libido), but in fact we live in an era of dopaminergic excitations and that is clear. In the case of this "disorder" called novelty seeking, these are people who are born with less than they should dopamine and therefore tend to seek more and more intensely.