STEMsocial Distilled - The post-HiveFest edition

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It is @lemouth again, for a new edition of the STEMsocial Distilled. For those unaware of what this consists, the STEMsocial Distilled series aims to shed light, week after week, on five of the best blogs posted in the STEMsocial community during the previous week. Due to my trip to HiveFest, this Monday edition only appears... on Thursday. That's how it is... ;)

As usual, my selection relies on various criteria that include engagement/receptivity, quality and diversity of topics. Moreover, any single author cannot be featured more than once in three consecutive editions.

[Credits: @raj808]

Today, I selected posts related to biology, healthcare, agriculture... and particle physics! Although I managed to avoid physics blogs last week (as there is here a clear conflict of interests), I could not avoid getting some revenge today... It is a matter of survival, more or less. Therefore, without waiting too much, here is the list for the current week.

Our top choices

Unraveling the mystery behind double bunch plantain

The reason behind the first post I picked was related to my breakfast. @gentleshaid decided to write about bananas, and I just got a banana... Coincidences cannot just be coincidences... More seriously, I selected this post because it was the first time I was reading about monozygotic and dizygotic twins... in the context of plantain banana trees. However, to make a long story short, double bunch plantains have nothing to do with twins. This is more related to mutations. To know more about this, I am afraid that I won't say more, and refer to the blog.

Patient has stains on all teeth

For my second choice, I decided to put our STEMsocial dentist @noelyss under the spotlights. In their blog of last week, they discuss the case of a patient that has recently attended their consultation, and who got stains on all teeth. Very interestingly, the author found that these stains were caused by the water drunk by the patient, that was not very clean and fresh. In order to get how this uncommon situation ended, I let you check out the blog (don't worry, everything eventually got fine).

"Citizen Science" Project - Report - Part Six

I could not resist, as said above, and the Distilled Edition of this week needed to include some physics. I therefore picked @agreste's report on their recent citizen science activities for my third choice. By solving the problems proposed in the sixth episode of the series, they computed the total production rate associated with a signal of a neutrino mass models at the LHC Run 3, the operation run of the LHC that started last July. If you feel a little bit geeky and want to know more about what the author did to produce those predictions, there is only one way: reading the post.

Conscious and unconscious associations of the human mind / Emotional hunger

Are you hungry? I hope not too much, because my fourth choice for this edition of the STEMsocial Distilled is related to food, somewhat. In fact, it is rather related to being hungry, and not to food explicitely. I recommend to have a look at the last blog from @rbalzan79, who discusses emotional hunger. Such a hunger is different from having someone just being hungry, in the sense that this is not physiological. It is instead connected to an unconscious desire to fill some emptiness inside us. To know more, consider reading the blog.

Let's talk about grassland ecosystems

For the last selected post, I decided to emphasise the work done by @amestyj, who is constantly with us on STEMsocial for so many years. The author regularly discusses agriculture and methods to make it more efficient and less demanding. Today, they consider livestock systems, i.e. places where cows, horses or goats live and eat. They emphasis that management has to be done carefully, as animals exert a kind of pressure on the soil by eating grass and re-growth is an important item on the long term.

All rewards earned on the distilled posts are used to fund the STEMsocial project functioning and activities. The author of the distilled, who may be any STEMsocial member depending on the week, gets 30% of the rewards of this post. Moreover, @raj808 gets 7% for the usage of his image. If you like what we do, please consider joining our community on HIVE, and delegating to the @stemsocial account (85% of the curation rewards are returned), or trailing it.

Thanks a lot to all STEMsocial authors of the week for their very nice contributions to our community. For those who do not know what STEMsocial is, please take a look here, or pass by Discord.

See you next week!


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Greetings dear friends of @stemsocial, I am grateful for the team with the mention that they have given to my content, as a writer I am very satisfied, because they are achievements that are out of the monetary and motivates to continue sharing agricultural content with you.

On the other hand, I observe as always very diverse and interesting content, it nourishes our knowledge in different areas, which certifies without a doubt that @stemsocial continues to be the educational and scientific reference of hive.

So long, have an excellent week everyone.

It is always a pleasure to have you with us from so long. I totally enjoy what you do here with us.

Have a nice week-end!

Thanks so much for including my post!

This was a pleasure! :)

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Hi @lemouth
STEMsocial Distilled is to note that this is a new form of curation that offers the user a great opportunity by promoting their blog. great!
There it is stated that it is a "light" for the top five weekly blogs. What I don't understand are the criteria used to appear selected in the weekly list.
I have gone through the Discord and left my impressions about why if I am publishing from your community, using your project tags, and being supportive with 20% of the rewards obtained by the publication of my articles, I am still ignored at the time of the cures. Are my articles invisible or of poor quality? I really don't understand.
I would appreciate an answer to my concern. thank you @stemsocial!

Hola @lemouth
¡STEMsocial Distilled es para destacar que se trata de una nueva forma de curación que ofrece al usuario una gran oportunidad mediante la promoción de su blog. genial!
Ahí se indica que es un "semáforo" para los cinco mejores blogs semanales. Lo que no entiendo son los criterios utilizados para aparecer seleccionados en la lista semanal.
He pasado por el Discord y he dejado mis impresiones acerca de por qué si estoy publicando desde su comunidad, utilizando las etiquetas de su proyecto, y siendo solidario con el 20% de las recompensas obtenidas por la publicación de mis artículos, sigo siendo ignorado a la hora de las curas. ¿Mis artículos son invisibles o de mala calidad? Realmente no lo entiendo.
Agradecería una respuesta a mi inquietud. ¡Gracias @stemsocial!

There it is stated that it is a "light" for the top five weekly blogs. What I don't understand are the criteria used to appear selected in the weekly list.

Engagement, quality, blog being posted in the right time frame, how I liked your post (since I wrote this edition of the distilled), etc. The competition is tough and there were more than 30 entries. That gives 1 chance out of 6 to be selected, more or less.

I have gone through the Discord and left my impressions about why if I am publishing from your community, using your project tags, and being supportive with 20% of the rewards obtained by the publication of my articles, I am still ignored at the time of the cures. Are my articles invisible or of poor quality? I really don't understand.

I don't understand this message. We supported 4 of your latest 6 posts... Maybe you don't accept the fact that we are humans and don't spend 24/7 of our time on chain... Do you feel entitled to get support?

Well Mr @lemouth it's not that I am claiming something.... I just wanted to communicate to receive your guidance, that would be the support, the guidance to understand how your community and therefore the platform works.
Of course I can understand that your work as a curator and that of many users, is not a 24/7 "job" You excuse me! That was not my intention to make you think that "I think they are not human". I am communicating with you precisely because I know that you are a human, who performs your laudable work as a curator and must have a great responsibility in your work.
There is so much information that I have to process in this medium, that at times I do not understand what I am doing wrong in terms of the publication of my articles. I just wanted some guidance.
I send you a cordial greeting Mr. @lemouth and thank you very much for your response.

Bueno Sr @lemouth no es que esté reclamando algo... Sólo deseaba comunicarme para recibir su orientación, ese sería el apoyo, la orientación de entender cómo funciona su comunidad y por ende la plataforma.
Claro que puedo entender que su labor como curador y la de muchos usuarios, no es un "trabajo" 24/7 Usted disculpe! Esa no fue mi intención el hacerle pensar que "yo crea que no son humanos". Precisamente me comunico con usted porque se que es un humano, el cual realiza su loable trabajo como curador y debe tener toda una gran responsabilidad en sus labores.
Es tanta la información que debo procesar en este medio, que hay momentos no entiendo que estoy haciendo mal mi labor en cuanto a la publicación de mis artículos. Tan sólo deseaba una orientación.
Le envio un cordial saludo Sr @lemouth y muchísimas gracias por responderme.

Greetings to all members of the great family of @stemsocial, very grateful for the mention, congratulations to the other authors, and of course, congratulate our great teacher @lemouth for his tireless work, you are a source of motivation for the entire Hive platform.

Congrats to you for being featured, and your great contribution for this week (as well as for your great contributions of all the other weeks)!