STEMsocial distilled - the first edition from June 2022!

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It is the weekend and what can be better than having some well-prepared stem posts to consume while relaxing all the stress of the week away. On the anchor for today's distilled is @gentleshaid.

For those that are reading stemsocial distilled for the first time and wondering what it is all about, it is a weekly publication where we highlight some of the best Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics content published by authors on the Hive blockchain. We recently expanded our coverage to include history, psychology, and architecture. you can check out our community here on the chain or visit our Discord server to interact with authors and management of the community.

[Credits: @raj808]

Featured posts in the distilled are selected based on the number of unique engagements and authors are not allowed to feature in two consecutive weeks, provided that there are enough authors to shake things up.

Below are the posts that made it into this week's top five.

Our top choices

Engineering models to test dark matter signals at colliders

topping the list of the most engaged post for this week is a post from the boss himself, @lemouth. Those who are familiar with the community already know what he usually writes about. You do not expect a professor of particle physics to sneeze and not emit fe muons and taus. Anyway, in this particular post, a models to test dark matter signals at colliders was extensively discussed.

Ladies of Hive Community Contest #84 - Birth order: Second born, Segunda nacida

@melyxaluna discussed (or should I say dispelled?) the concept that some people harbor about birth order. Some people believe that one's position in the family dictates some traits in individuals. If you are one of those that holds this belief, a read of this post will educate you further.

How Animals Survive in extreme Conditions, Science of the adaptation

Living organisms are constantly adjusting to the conditions of their environments. Those who are not able to adapt accordingly fade off the population. @jsalvage discussed some of the ways animals adapt to extreme environmental conditions and how these adaptions have made animals to evolve with time.

Birthing Position: When abnormality becomes the norm

Talk about blowing your own trumpet. Virtually every civilized humans known the default position that women take while in the process of giving birth. However, availble evidence shows that this position might not be the best. Why then, is the medical world stuck with this position? Read the post to satisfy some of your curiousities.

Use of autochthonous microorganisms in compost made from different types of manure.

An agriculture themed post by one of the veteran authors in the community. Allowing composts to mature naturally takes up to 3 months. In this post, @amnestyj dicussed the possibility of shortening the maturation time through the innoculation of native microbes into the compost. The resulting compost is even similar to the uninnoculated ones in terms of nutrient richness.

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Have fun!


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Greetings dear friends of @stemsocial, it is very satisfying to find one of my articles in the distillate of the week, I know it is not the first, but for any author who writes in hive in the area of science is a privilege, thanks for the support and may the successes continue.

See you later, have a great week.