STEMsocial Distilled - May Day!

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Welcome to the month of May and a belated 'happy worker's day' shoutout to everyone. It is a new edition of our weekly distilled, a publication where we highlight some of the best content posted posted into our community. Due to one or two real life issues that have kept many folks off the web, @gentleshaid is here anchoring the distilled for the second week in a row.

The STEMsocial community is one of the oldest curation projects on the Hive blockchain. Our area of focus include science, technology, engineering, mathematics, psychology, history, and architecture. You can learn more about the community here on hive chain or hop into our Discord server to interact with the management and the authors in the community one on one.

Posts in the distilled are selected based on their levels of engagements, starting from the most engaged and as a general rule, a single author is not featured in consecutive distilled to allow for more inclusion. Sit down, relax, and get enlightened as we bring to you the posts for this week.

[Credits: @raj808]

Our top choices


Mosquitoes are not just tiny, but dangerously and annoyingly tiny, especially the female anopheles mosquitos. They transmit a pathogen that causes a disease that has been responsible for taking the lives of millions, much more than covid19 can ever take. So much so that a day has been set aside specifically in order to draw the attention of the world to the menace of the disease. Head over to the post to learn more about the disease.

Earth Day 2022 - An Evolution of Thought to Find Solutions

Our second post for this week is inspired by another day specifically set aside to call the attention of the world to a problem that could end us all. The earth day is celebrated to call accentuate the problems facing our planet and how we can mitigate them. In his post, @raj808 talks about how an evolution of human thoughts is needed in order to find a way out of the quagmire we are current in as far as the destruction of the planet is concerned. A good read for those that are environmentally conscious.

Citizen Science on Hive: Report #3 - Analysing simulated particle collisions using MadAnalysis5

Here is a post by @metabs in response to one of the tasks in the ongoing #citizenscience projects which is an intiative of the one and only Professor of physics that we have in the community - @lemouth. The project has been moving on and fine with partipation opened to anyone with personal computers with or without the knowledge of particle physics or coding.

Center of gravity some generalities_Part V

The generalities of the phenomenon known as center of gravity has been a subject of discussion by @rbalzan79 for a while and the one featured this week is the 5th in the series. This time, the center of gravity of some common objects in composite forms were practically demonstrated. This will be a good content for high school physics students.

The challenges of recurrent flooding in Nigeria

Nigeria as a developing country is plaqued by several problems. Our last post for this week features a post by @saintgentle, a Nigerian, talking about the challenges posed by recurrent flooding in the country. The causes, consequences, and likely solutions to the problem were discussed by the author.

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We wish you all a great well... week (and not week-end)!


Hello friends, great content socialized in our community, great work, congratulations to the authors for their valuable contributions.

See you later, have a great week.

Thanks a lot for passing by, and being consistently within our community!

Have a great week-end, a little bit in advance ;)

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Thanks a lot for the compilation and the mention!

Thank you, @gentleshaid. I must say, this week I missed all of them, but they all look fascinating. They will make good weekend reading, especially the one on flooding in Nigeria. I fear this will be the fate of many communities as the earth warms.

Have a great weekend.

Now you have a lot to catch up to. Take your time, we can't cheat nature.

A great work you people are doing in this community.
Keep it up ✍️