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A beautiful morning, afternoon, evening, or night to you all - depending on the part of the world you are reading this. This is @gentleshaid anchoring this week's edition of the STEMsocial distilled - a weekly publication where we showcase some of the best contents published into the community.

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The featured posts in our distilled are selected based on the number of unique comments and with authors having a two-weeks cool down period in between features. Without much ado, below are the gems for this edition:

[Credits: @raj808]

Our top choices

How to differentiate an animal blood from a human blood: its importance in forensic science

The blood sample of humans and that of snails might be physically unique due to their contents, but when it comes that of humans and dogs, it becomes impossible to physically distinguish them without some microscopic analysis. This interesting and educative blog from @cyprianj talks extensively on distinguishing between the bloods of different groups of animals. Knowledge is light!

Designing houses to meet future demands

A house might be beautiful and meets the present needs of people that will live in it, but might fail to meet their needs in the nearest future as humans and technology continue to evolve with time. This might put pressure on the limited habitable lands available to humans leading to different crises. Read more about these issues in my post. If I don't blow my own trumpet, who will! :)

The Possibility of getting an Infection from a Dog Bite.

Dog bites can be fatal, depending on the dog in question. The fatality might also be direct or indirect. Indirect fatality could be a result of getting infected from the bite. @oluwatobiloba talks about her love for dogs and the chances of getting infected through dog bites. The educative posts also discussed what to look out for in it happens.

Time To Tell The Real Source Of Gravity.

Time dilation, gravity, gravitational time dilation, gravitational attraction, and a lot of physics. This time, @yaziri decided to educate those of us that are non-physicists about the real source of gravity.Never would I have thought that gravitational force is cause is caused by time. You think I'm bluffing? Head over and educate yourself.

Dry Eye Syndrome - All You Need to Know

The eye is the light of the body and deservedly, a post bordering around the eyesight rounds off our distilled for this week. Those of us with good eyes might not know that there is an eye abnormality that has to do with inadequate tears/water in the eye, otherwise known as dry eye syndrome. @nattybongo is the specialist here and we all are learning from him.

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Hello @gentleshaid,

Thank you for this issue of Distilled. I actually read two of these already but missed the dog article. Just read that one. Very interesting but made me a little uncomfortable. I love dogs, but only gentle ones that don't bite. (I think any dog can bite under the right circumstances).

Hope you are well.

You are most welcome. I really do not love dogs, but I love cats, even though I still can't keep any pets cos my wife hates them.

I once watched a video of a dog biting off the leg of another dog and it was really horrible. No one wants to see the beast sides of dogs.

It would be funny to say that I pray for my dog never to go crazy, sometimes I get scared when I read/watch certain dogs going crazy. We can, however, not discard the good sides of having a good dog at home.

When I see people leaving their babies with dogs, I think it's madness. I remember when my daughter was very young (5?) she was at a neighbor's house. The neighbor was baby sitting for a dog, an elderly dog that was gentle and 'never had bitten anyone'. That dog went after my daughter when she was running down the hall. Bit her on the face!! Fortunately, a couple of stitches in the eyebrow fixed the problem. No scar, but what a scare.

No matter how gentle the dog, people have to be careful, particularly around children.

However, cats do scratch and bite :))

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