STEMsocial Distilled - Birthday Edition

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Admist all the turmoils currently engulfing some parts of the world, everyone and everything do not stop growing old. In a couple of days, the 20th of this month to be precise, the Hive blockchain will be celebrating 2 years since forking off the legacy chain. While we are still clamouring for peace to be returned to the world, we cannot but give a blockchain that has done a lot to promote free speech and financially empower many common men in different parts of the world a celebratory mention. This is @gentleshaid and welcome to a new edition of STEMsocial distilled.

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Our selections for this week follow the established rule where a single author is allowed to be featured once every three weeks and posts are arranged in a descending order engagement.

Our top choices

Decrease in air pressure due to lack of oxygen

Nothing explains science better by practical experiments. At the top of our selections for this week is this post by @rbalzan79 that practically demonstrate how the pressure of air is decreased as the oxygen content of the air is depleted. A picture is worth more than a thousand words, but in science, an experiment is worth more than a thousand theoretical explanation. Unsurprisingly, the post garnered 7 unique comments to be among the top most engaged posts for this week.

Eternal Inflation - The Multiverse Might Be Real!

With 7 unique comments as the post above comes this post by @yaziris about the likelihood of the existence of multiple universe. Just imagine that there are several universe that could be similia or dissimilia to the one we are in. Difficult, right? Well, the analogy of eternal inflation with that of a radioactive decay actually gave a bit of credence to the hypothesis. However, we may never know as there is no route to communicate even if there are other universe in existence.

Self Medication: When the guess goes wrong!

Self medication is something that is generally campaigned against, yet, remains quite popular among humans of different ages, races, and nationality. In this post by @noble-noah, one of the dangers of self medication was highlighted using a real-life experience. It was about a child that was self-medicated, only to later found out that the drug being administered had no correlation with what the diagnosis of the child.

Taking a deep peep into some barbaric practices by traditional circumcisers

Next is a post that bordering around female genital mutilation. The practice which has long been criminalized by several countries of the world is still popular in some places. The various means and styles used in mutilating this organ was extensively discussed by @nazom, who seems to be making her debut in STEMsocial distilled.

Houston, we have a space junk problem!

Round off our selections for this week is a post concerning the problem created by advancement in technology. The successful launching of artificial satellites in space is behind some of the technology that we humans are currently enjoying, especially in the area of telecommunication. However, little does many know that these artificial satellites have expiry dates, meaning that our space may be filled with satellite junks with time. Getting rid of these junks may not be as easy as getting the satellites into the orbit in the first place. A good write up by @metabs.

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We wish you all a great week-end!


Thanks a lot for bringing my post to this great weekly selection!

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Congratulations to the top authors

I join my voice to yours to congratulate them :)

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The pleasure is for us. Shedding more lights on our best (and most engaging) weekly authors is always a relieving activity ;)

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The pleasure is for me ;)

congratulations to the best scientific community of hive :D

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Being without this community is the best one can do.

No regrets ever. Super proud of our authors and the teams that has made it possible till date.

Excellent articles as always in the STEMsocial Distilled, great contributions of the authors to keep the current science in the hive.

So long, have a great week

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