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In this new edition of our weekly magazine of scientific popularization operating in the blockchain we will recognize some articles posted between 4th to 10th of June, briefly reviewed here by @eniolw. Let's remember that STEMSocial acknowledges and shows appreciation to these articles based on the support they were granted after curation and also based on the receptivity they had, evidenced by the interaction in the comments section.

[Credits: @raj808]

Articles recognized include topics related to zoology, epidemiology, experimental physics and computation. We also recognize an article committed to the task of disseminating science. However, these reviews are too short for all that these posts address and their educational value, so if they pique your interest, it is best to go to them, as a primary source, and explore them for yourself.

Our top choices

Welcome home, friend spider

First of all, a debated post with a captivating and accessible writing for everyone. With an array of photos taken of a specimen of funnel web (house spider), the author tells us several interesting details about it, including the emphasis on respect for the life of these animals, as many people kill them indiscriminately mistakenly believing that they are always dangerous. The author also makes a parenthesis to insist that "spiders are not insects" and tells us several other characteristics with the support of infographics.

Science Fair- Bilim Şenliği

With an attractive introduction that pays tribute to science and reason, @flsfserkan presents us with a review of a science festival held at his school, something we certainly want to acknowledge as we are committed to the task of educating and popularizing science. They had a good attendance and were able to exhibit several interesting projects, among which are the Pascal's principle model, simple telegram system, Periscope, fountain fountain, artificial ecosystem column and several others. Visit this optimistic post to share their experience.

The Threats Posed By Salmonellosis To Humans

The post by @bloomcindy lives up to its title with an exhaustive description of this disease that affects humans and other animals. It may not be as famous as influenza, but it is quite likely that we have heard about salmonella, the bacterium responsible for it that we can potentially acquire either through food poisoning or food infection (subtle distinctions, by the way). Learn more about the epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of this pathology by reading this well-documented article.

Center of gravity some generalities Part 4

As @rbalzan79 says, "our optical systems are permanent witnesses of the great amount of phenomena that develop in our environment, of course, many of them we do not perceive, but others do", and then he goes on to experiment with gravity, a very difficult phenomenon to go unnoticed (unless you are in space and even yet...). In his post, the professor gives us practical demonstrations to understand how the center of gravity operates, using very simple, everyday materials, so that if you're brave enough, you could reproduce the experiment yourself at home.

The Turing Test and Machine Intelligence

In order to avoid @eniolw having to write about himself, here is @lemouth taking over for a paragraph. A few weeks ago @eniolw started a series of blogs on Turing tests, and how we could measure the success of an artificial entity (computers or programs) in mimicking typical human behaviours. In this second blog of the series, a few controversies are brought into the light and discussed. Can we really implement any Turing test at all? What features should the adopted methodology have? And what about consciousness? Read the post for hints for answers to those questions.

All rewards earned on the distilled posts are used to fund the STEMsocial project functioning and activities. The author of the distilled, who may be any STEMsocial member depending on the week, gets 30% of the rewards of this post. Moreover, @raj808 gets 7% for the usage of his image. If you like what we do, please consider joining our community on HIVE and delegating to the @stemsocial account (85% of the curation rewards are returned), or trailing it.

Thanks a lot to all STEMsocial authors of the week for their very nice contributions to our community. For those who do not know what STEMsocial is, please take a look here, or pass by Discord.

See you next time!


Great update. I will check some of the articles.

Please do so and don't hesitate to engage the authors. They will like it.


Thanks, I subscribed and will try and promote some good articles in ListNerds.

Thanks a lot. Any little extra piece of advertisement on our activities is most welcome.


Greetings dear friends, very nourished this week’s distillate, certainly are a contribution for all lovers of science in different areas of knowledge.

So long, have a great weekend.

Indeed this week was quite diverse in topics.

Thanks for passing by and this nice comment! Cheers!

A big congratulations to all the featured authors. We keep growing!

I hope so ;-)


Hi friends thanks for the mention, STEMSocial has been a welcome home for me for almost 4 years now, excellent work this week by friends @eniolw and the @lemouth. Let's keep growing. Greetings.

Thanks for passing by and your support. It is truly appreciated.

I regularly read posts in STEM frontend and learn new things about science and technology, since I am an Electrical Engineer, I feel connected with my technical self when reading amazing posts.

I'll sure keep my eyes on upcoming StemSocial Magazine.



Thank you for passing by and this nice comment. One of my dream is to have a dedicated frontend. For now, I only have tons of ideas... as a developer is missing. Hopefully, one day this will change. Who knows? ;)

I wish you get successful in this lead and bring more engaging ideas to Hive community..

Yes, developers are really high in demand these days due to growing web content. I hope to see you in discord as well soon.


Congratulations to all featured authors! I recommend everyone to enjoy the selection of this week and pass by all selected posts.


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