Science and Art, the ultimate collaboration

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Science and art are the two most powerful and complementary ways to get insights into the world around us, both of which rely in one way or another on exploration and research. This should never be underestimated! Even at the core location where fundamental science moves forward - the very very famous European Council for Nuclear Research (aka CERN) - art and their creators are more than welcome. CERN even has a full program of resident artists, exhibitions and cultural events, as testified on this dedicated webpage.

To paraphrase: artists from all horizons are welcome to CERN to experience how the big questions about our universe are addressed.

Also here at STEMsocial we have long understood that art and science (and STEM in general) cannot live in isolation from one another. However, this has never really been emphasized in our project since the very beginning - more than half a decade ago (yes we are that old). So, we decided to fix that. To this aim, we are organising a special event in collaboration with the LMAC community, which hosts an art contest on Hive every single week for over 100 consecutive weeks.

But before digging into the details of the contest, let's introduce our partners in this artistic adventure.

The acronym LMAC stands for Let's Make A Collage, which is kind of a giveaway regarding what they do. In each round, a photography provides a photo. Artists may then manipulate and transform it however they please! The only limits being those of imagination (just like a scientist).

And that's it!

Of course, copyrights and original works are in order, two important features that are also important for us here at STEMsocial. In addition, any entry to the contest is by default warmly offered to the public domain.

Feel free to connect anytime with the LMAC community on Discord and learn more about all their fun and creative offerings.

So, what is this special LMAC/STEMsocial collaboration all about? Well, it's... an art contest, but with a topic chosen by STEMsocial. Dark Matter

The LMAC contest #111 - Dark Matter

The contest will be run according to LMAC rules, which we briefly explain below. For more information, please wait an extra day and check out @shaka's acccount.

Perhaps the most important question to unleash your creativity is about what you see (or don't see) in the picture below. We would answer: dark matter. We are however sure that your imagination can probably take it a lot further. Please make us dream, and show us what is truly hiding in the cosmos.

[Credits: Jeremy Thomas (public domain)]

Concerning the rules, please keep in mind that:

  • The above photography needs to be the starting point for any further modification. It can be used without any copyright protection as part of the public domain.
  • Entries need to set the @lmac account as a 20% beneficiary to receive support from their trail and to be eligible to receive contest prizes.
  • Entries need to be posted to the LMAC community before the 7th February at midnight UTC.
  • Submissions need to be linked as a comment to the LMAC contest post.
  • Any graphical element that is added to the template either needs to be your own original work, or derive from the LIL or belong to the public domain. Note that for each LIL-asset used, the corresponding LIL-contributors are expected to be added as 2% beneficiary each in the respective LMAC entry!
  • Sources for all used materials need to be provided in the entry post.
  • By submitting your contribution you warrant that your artwork is in your sole ownership and that is free of any copyrighted material. Every participant further agrees to hand over their artwork into the public domain and that it can be copied, modified and distributed by others, even for commercial purposes, without requiring further permission.

A selection of the 15 best entries will be made by the usual LMAC jury. Those finalists will be elligible to share the LMAC prize pool, and will be ranked through a community poll (as usual). In addition, a STEMsocial jury made of @gentleshaid, @lemouth and @mobbs will select the best entry according to STEMsocial. This entry will be used in various upcoming STEMsocial posts, and its author will be set as a 5% to 10% beneficiary for all these posts.

In the meantime, if you want to get more insight about dark matter and how we humans try to find it, please check @lemouth's blog of yesterday.

The famous last words

Please have fun with this contest, and do not hesitate to use the comment section of this post to ask questions or suggest anything. You can also reach us out on Discord. If you like what we do, please consider joining our community on Hive and delegating to or trailing the @stemsocial account (85% of the curation rewards are returned).

We wish all of you a happy dark artistic week!


Fun idea!

You can see my submission to the contest attached to this comment. Since dark matter is all about invisibility, I decided to modify the original picture mainly by using the delete tool.

I know I will be contesting against seasoned veterans like @agmoore, but something tells me I'm gonna leave her in the dust with this one. I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words, and just look at (or try to detect) the result of my artistic non-efforts below! Here it is:

Beautiful, isn't it?

(If you're having trouble seeing my submission, turn off the lights. If you're still having trouble, close your eyes. That oughta fix it.)

You are too much. First of all, I don't compete in the contest. I make collages and have fun. Now that you've teased us with your witty response, you have raised the bar. We are expecting something amazing, and yet witty from you. What will you do????

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. It's really about the fun and having an experience that isn't structured around a discipline (I don't like discipline). That's almost your specialty: smashing expectations, surprising us.

You have until Monday. @shaka's announcement comes out tomorrow. I'll keep watch....

You still need to submit an invisible picture that will please the jury... hmm hmmm.... Maybe you will get an invisible selection, who knows? :D

My submission will be judged by the invisible founding member of StemSocial, the one no one talks about.

Fun fact: the X-Men have a member similar to StemSocial's invisible member. His name is ForgetMeNot and no one knows of his existence because his special power is to be forgotten. True story, you can read about it here.

Ahaha! I don't remember :D

Can't wait to see the different levels of creativity that talented hivers have got to offer.

Not sure I see the duration for the contest mentioned anywhere or could it be that I missed it?

 10 months ago (edited)

This is February 7th.

Thanks for pointing it out. I have edited the post.

This is gonna be fun!


This is going to be awesome...a perfect combination - art and science

Can't wait to see the works of creative minds.

We are all very excited with this ^^

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Dear @stemsocial friends, I am very excited about what has been conjured up here.
A beautiful challenge @lmac - @stemsocial!


Cool! I am looking forward to see your contribution!

Thanks, I hope I'm up to the task!

We are also very excited, and are looking forward to all contributions. This will be a wonderful (dark) week ^^

I can imagine what you might come up with. Actually, I can't--that's the wonder of it. What will you come up with?

Waiting to see.... :)


Yeah!! I am so excited. The day has finally come. You sum up beautifully the essence of this collaboration between LMAC and STEMsocial:

The only limits being those of imagination.

The template image (from which we will craft our collages) is perfect. It draws us in. Hard to turn away.

Let the contest begin! Wonderful.

I am amazed I can think of so many things.

and I say present


I know you will stun with what your imagination conjures

Let the contest begin! Definitely! I am excited to see the outcome!

Oooh, this sounds very fun and tempting! Not sure if my art skill is sufficient to create anything though 🤔

This is a collage. I failed art in the 8th grade😅and I participate every week. You get to use images (only public domain) from anywhere, even your own, from your own photo album. LMAC has an image library with over 6,000 public domain images. I use these every week to make my collages (it is asked that if you 'borrow' an image from here you extend the courtesy of designating the author as 2% beneficiary).

I warn you, though, making collages is addictive :))

Have fun!!

As @agmoore said it, you can simply try it out, and then we will see. I am sure you could come up with something great. This being said, luckily I am in the jury so that I won't have to try out by myself ;)

Bookmarked the post "artwork" will follow ;P




Cool. That's something new!

New... and exciting, isn't it? :D

Yes, I could say that. 😎


I read the article complete on the subject, it is quite interesting.

Science and art in one post. Science is an art and art is a science, wow, it looks good.

I'm going to participate.

Your collages are always interesting. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

I am very flattered by your words


Thank you for the pizza :)

Great to see you on board. I am looking forward to see the result :)


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What a good collaboration and creativity, Science and Art. Alas, kudos to the team!

Haven't they always gone together? Without inspiration you would never have had discoveries, never have had 'breakthroughs', and you would never have had 'art'.

This will be so much fun for all of us.

Let's see where this will lead us ;)

Greetings, good new support for our @lmac community, excellent image that awakens creativity, I'm going to review the dark matter material to see what idea I can think of to make the collage.

Hello my friend @cetb2008. Here you are. This is perfect for you. I'll bet you come up with something amazing. Have fun!

Hello friend let's see what ideas come to mind

I am looking forward to your contribution :)

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What an interesting proposal, to merge science and art. Congratulations! I will try to participate!

I've started brainstorming :) It can only be fun

Yes! me too. We'll see what comes out. See you in the contest!

Please do so! We are all excited to see all entries to the context!

Thank you very much! I will participate. Very interesting article on dark matter!

Thanks for your nice words :)

I am happily excited to see the outcome of this fantastic event and I am already quite sure that there will be great artworks as usual. But we have not had such a special topic until this contest round. So, it simply must become fantastic! 👍

I agree. This will simply be great ^^