Science and Art - the final STEMsocial selection (for a bonus prize)

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It is now time to announce the recipient of the special prize of our LMAC-STEMsocial art contest. We remind that the winning image will be used in several future publications of STEMsocial, and its author will be set as a 5% to 10% beneficiary for all these posts. This will last forever, or at least until our world turns dark, or even until our universe becomes dominated by dark energy (well... this is in fact already the case... so let's forget about that).

Our jury, introduced here, comprised @gentleshaid, @lemouth and @mobbs. We had the difficult task to find out which one of the 15 final entries would be the best pick as a window of the STEMsocial community.

Each of us started by giving his 5 preferences. Next, each entry appearing at least twice in the master list (i.e. the list defined by the union of all three lists) was selected for the next round. We ended up with 5 names:

Then we started to have endless discussions, followed by another round of endless discussions. And amazingly we converged on a top 3.

First place: @raj808
The infinite expression of the multiverse

This contribution to the contest ticked both the creativity and the science items, two elements to which we were all quite sensitive. Moreover, the entry post included a very interesting description of the context. For that reason, we are pleased to select this contribution as our top choice.

@raj808: Would it be possible to request an extra version of this image with the STEMsocial logo? Thanks in advance.

Second place: @seckorama
The art, the science, and the AI

We were quite sensitive to the hard work put in this contribution, which resulted in a very colourful version of dark matter. Moreover, the post offers a possibility to follow each step of the creation process, which is definitely a plus.

Third place: @edgarafernandezp
The hands of dark matter

Dark matter holding the universe together through its hands is the colourful interpretation of this contribution, which comes with a nice introduction post including many details about how to get to the resulting collage.

The famous last words

We all had fun with this contest, and were very happy to witness its success. Feel free to pass by once in a while, on Discord or directly within our community on Hive.

We wish all of you a happy not-so-dark-anymore week!

PS: @raj808, @seckorama, @edgarafernandezp, @justclickindiva and @enzor have been respectively set as 10%, 5%, 3%, 1% and 1% beneficiaries of this post.


Fantastic! An absolute pleasure to run this special together with you guys. Let me applaud and thank all the participants who contributed to an exuberant collage-fest with over 160 entries. Even after >100 rounds of LMAC, I'm always fascinated anew by how much creativity, wit and talent we have around us here in the Hive.

Also, it was very pleasing to see some new "faces" among the participants.

Agreed @gentleshaid, let's do this again some time!

This was an amazing contest and a great experience for me. I am still very sorry not to have found the time to go through every single entry to the competition. This week was however a crazy one at work, and I dedicated as much time as allowed by my body to browse a few. As mentioned to @quantumg, the hurricanes were real ones ;)

I guess it is now time to start thinking about the second edition in a few months, and be prepared ^^

First let me say congrats to all the finalists on the STEMsocial side of this amazing contest and collaboration.

I'm humbled and honoured to place first.

Thanks, as always, to @shaka for starting LMAC. It has literally been the catalyst for me to learn so many more techniques in GIMP photo editor, and I think improve my digital art to a much higher standard than before.

Big thanks also to both @lemouth & @gentleshaid who visited my LMAC blog and gave me some great feedback, and the other judge @mobbs as well. I'm grinning ear to ear right now 😃

Would it be possible to request an extra version of this image with the STEMsocial logo?

Of course that's no problem @lemouth As it's a giff animation, maybe I could place it in one of the corners of the image? Or, I might be able to add it to the animated section so that the logo actually comes up as the portal is fading before it begins it's loop?

I tell you what, I'll join the STEMsocial discord tomorrow to chat about the logo placement in person 👍

P.s. thanks so much for the generous beneficiary on this post as well 🙂

It was a really great work of art. Wish to learn photo editing but don't know where to start. Any recommendation?

Hello @raj808! I am happy to see you replying to this post and congratulations once again!

I apologise for my slow answer. Today was a really busy day at work, and I was mostly off-chain and off-discord. Feel free to pass by and contact me on the STEMsocial discord. We have a private channel for the STEMsocial benefactors (which you are automatically, also with @shaka and two special guests which I won't tag), on which we could discuss the details.

Note that for anything artistic, it is better to have @mobbs around. I am very bad on this ;)

No worries @lemouth
I've been pretty much afk the last two days anyway, with no access to my computer until today (I don't hive from my phone other than answering the odd comment).

I'll join STEM discord today to chat about possible modifications to the gif 🙂

The very first day I saw that particular number one, I was intrigued at the ingenuity...

A well deserved win for all the contestants. I am marvelled!

Hive indeed has a lot of creative Minds.

Beautiful selections by all Means.

It was a tough job. We were lucky that the LMAC team helped us to reduce the list of 160 to a list of 15. Without them, we would probably still be busy with the job ;)

In addition, even with only 15 entries to discuss, selecting a winner was not an easy job and triggered a lot of discussions due to the different profiles of the member of the jury. Anyways, we made it, as @raj808 ^^

Congratulations to the winners. It was a well contested contest with a lot of creative works. Never knew there is such a level of talents on Hive. We should be having these more frequently.

I was surprised too, and I was definitely not expecting so many contributions to this contest (and in any case, definitely not a three-figure number). To go alone the lines of @shaka's comment, I was fascinated not only by the amount of artists around here, but also by their creativity. Having so many excellent entries into the competition was truly amazing.

The future looks bright!

Hola amigos, muchísimas gracias por este resultado ☺️ es muy agradable leer todo lo que han escrito, sin duda alguna el arte y la ciencia forman un gran equipo, la imaginación circunda en el mundo dijo Einstein, gracias a ustedes @shaka @lemouth para que esa imaginación explotará en esta ronda tan especial y viéramos tan increíble collages llenos de creatividad, ¡Estaré anhelando una nueva ronda especial! Saludos 🙌

Thanks a lot for your contribution to this contest. I really appreciated the choice of colours in your contribution. I hope to see you again for the next edition! Science and art will stay united forever ^^


Brilliant selections. Congratulations to the STEMsocial jury and to the great artists who made these collages.

This week was spectacular in several ways. First way was the response to the challenge. Oh my heavens. So many people turned in collages. Then there was the quality of art. Truly 'heavenly'. Finally, there was the interest in science. People were inspired by the theme and actually motivated to read and learn more. This may be the best result of the contest.

Teaming up two communities that are fueled by inspiration--that was itself inspiration.

What an amazing week!

I agree with every single word that you wrote in your comment. As already mentioned in another reply to a comment to this post, the amount of contributions was really mind-blowing! Moreover, among those a significant fraction of them were super creative and truly amazing.

This definitely motivates me for putting in place the organisation of a next episode in a mid-term future!

Hello, @stemsocial. It's a great honor to have been shortlisted for your attention. Mainly because my understanding of space science is at the level of a layman and sci-fi enthusiast. So I am very happy to have been selected.
I am also happy to see the participation of two Hive communities @stemsocial and @lmac which are indeed proof that collaboration allows progress and new quality.
As a moderator of one of the smaller communities, I am aware that a lot of energy and effort has been put into this joint project by the organizers and I look forward to new, similar challenges. Thank you, once again.

Thanks for your contribution to our contest, that we really appreciated. We were especially amazed by all the efforts you injected in it, and the excellent result that emerged from this. Therefore, I thank you again for your participation.

As written already in several other comments to the present post, the success of the contest motivates us to organise a new edition in a close future (or more probably in a mid-term future). We will start thinking about the theme very soon... ;)

By the way, congratulations for being now an LMAC jury member. This task looks to be a very hard one, at least from my standpoint, because of the number of contributions to the contest being so huge. I hope you will have fun with this!


Congrats to all the selected finalists and the team running the contest for the great job!

Following the whole process of the contest and the open creative process of the creators has been a cool experience.

I definitely agree with you. Observing from the inside was also a great experience. I am definitely looking forward to "episode 2", normally in a few weeks/months ;)

Great, waiting for it. I have never played myself with graphic design software. Who knows, maybe I should learn and give it a try -could be a good excuse to learn-. If not... I will just sit and enjoy

Hello @stemsocial. Wow, thanks so much for considering me among your final choices. I certainly appreaciate it and you taking the time to review my story and fractal designs. It was a fun experience for me because I'm a fractal enthusiast and operate in the Alien Art Hive world with my designs.

Great choice of @raj808 as winner for your project and congratulations to him on a well-deserved win for this creative collage.

Congratulations also to @seckorama, @edgarafernandezp and @enzor for your making the final cut in this project. I loved your creative entries as well.

I appreciate the gift of beneficiary of this post. You are too kind.

It was a pleasure meeting your group. Good luck with all your future projects. And thanks @shaka for agreeing to partnership in this special event. I certainly do hope another round will be headed toward LMAC.

Take care everyone, and have a wonderful rest of your week.

Thanks for your kind words.

I would like to take the opportunity to once again congratulate you for your contributions, which were a real pleasure to review. I indeed personally really appreciated your "fractalistic" collages on dark matter.

Hopefully you will have the possibility to retry in the next edition of the contest that will be co-organised with STEMsocial. I will see this with @shaka at some point!

Thanks for your contribution to the STEMsocial community. Feel free to join us on discord to get to know the rest of us!

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You may also include @stemsocial as a beneficiary of the rewards of this post to get a stronger support. 

Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind sentiment. Thanks for your support as always. I appreciate it.

Take care, and have a good rest of your week.

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I appreciate the fact that, above first place, you wrote, in infinitely small undetectable letters, the name of the actual winner of this contest. I had to shut my eyes real tight to see it!

Artistically @seckorama's work that came second-rama is the winner in my book.

Greetings friends excellent collages, thank you very much for supporting our @lmac community