STEMng Digest: Week 9

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Welcome to yet another edition of STEMng digest on the hive blockchain and we are glad to have been able to make this edition right on time, unlike the last time.

STEMng Digest is a publication where we bring to you the top stem-related content published by Nigerian authors on the hive blockchain. We are a sub-community of stemsocial, a community that is dedicated to curating and supporting stem-related content on the hive blockchain. This edition makes it the 9th of its series on this awesome blockchain. Now let's look at some statistics.

A total of eleven (11) articles published by Nigerian authors were supported by stemsocial community this past week. The eleven articles were published by ten unique authors, culminating in an average of approximately one post per author. These figures look more impressive when compared to the previous week where seven (7) articles were posted by five (5) unique authors.

Below is the list of all the articles published (and stemsocial supported) by Nigerian authors in this last week. Feel free to throw these authors some supports which could be in terms of upvotes, comments, reblogs, tips, or even sharing on other social media.

SnAuthors of articlesTitle of articles
1@menoski[How I Created This Amazing StemSocial Logo Animated GIF For The Community
2@empressteemahThe Uses of Halogens and the Impacts on the Environment.
3@sirpee6GENETICS: Understanding The Basic Concepts
4@gamsamBacterial Meningitis; The African Scourge
5@oluwoleolaideGlare, Light Reflection on mood and how lighting affects performance during studying and working.
7@jsalvage[Have you wondered how your temperature is being regulated? Lets reveal the mystery about Homeostasis
8@gentleshaidBetween Malaria and Covid19
9@mengeneTHE CELLULAR BIOLOGY OF HEALTHINESS & DISEASES!!-- A Hiver’s Explanation!!!
10@adedoyin-gSMART CONTACT LENSES: Diabetes Monitoring Made Easy!!!

Top pick for the week

Like we always say, all forms of stem-related contents are supported by the stemsocial community as long as they are scientifically accurate, original, with copyright-free images. However, authors are encouraged to infuse a bit of creativity in their contents as this will not only fetch them more supports but fans.

There were several awesome articles to choose from this week for our top pick. However, we found the article HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL STEMsocial CONTENT CREATORS ON HIVE | HIVEBOOTCAMPHUB TUTORIAL HMB T-004 by @hivebootcamphub not just well written with very useful information for newbies trying to gain the attention of stemsocial curators and management, but also aesthetically creative.

If you are a newbie on the chain or you just onboarded a newbie that is a stem enthusiast, we highly recommend the post in order for them to get a grasp of what stemsocial requires in your articles in order to garner their support.

If you wish to stand a chance at being featured as a top author in our weekly digest, observe the following advice:

  • Write original content
  • Make it interesting
  • Adopt beautiful layout/formatting
  • Personalize your writing
  • Use copyright-free images
  • Include references

Support us

If you love our activities and or what we do as a community, you can throw us some supports. Support stemng/stemsocial activities on the hive blockchain through one (or more) of the following

If you have any information, concern, or inquiries; feel free to pop-in to our discord server, message @gentleshaid on discord (gentleshaid [STEMsocial]#1143), or engage us in the comment section below.

Till next week, hive on!

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